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Buttigieg says feds have power to force airlines to hire more workers amid travel delays

The federal government could take action against U.S. airlines on behalf of customers, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said Saturday. Many Americans have endured delays, cancelations, and other travel complications during the coronavirus pandemic, and in recent months, after many pandemic-related travel restrictions were lifted. Following Buttigieg’s own flight being canceled, forcing him to drive from Washington to New York, he said his department has authority to enforce action against… ( More...

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The Critical Path to having more flights available is through the flight deck. There is no need to hire more flight attendants or airport personnel if you can't fly the airplane. The pilot shortage has been coming for years as we watched the current pilots age out of the flight deck with an absence of replacements.

The Mayor can say the feds are going to force airlines to hire more but that statement is purely for political play as he knows they are doing everything they can to hire QUALIFIED applicants.

The real question is why more people don't want to be an airline pilot.

It takes years of training and education to attain the qualifications to obtain the certifications to pilot an aircraft. You are then joining an industry that is subject to every political event in the world in some way. If the event is big enough you may find yourself unemployed for an unknown period.

It is not a function of pay rates, it is a function of necessary qualifications and the cost to obtain them.

This subject is far deeper than a one sentence line of BS trying to imply they have a power to fix something.
DonDengler 24
Why people don’t want to be an airline pilot? Because it takes years of hard work, brains , no drugs , and work ethic Qualities that have declined due to liberalism.
I thought about jumping to aviation from my old industry - I'm a Commercial Instrument rated pilot. I have flown everything from a Cessna 152 through a Lear 35.

Here is what I found:
1. You work to get your ATP by flying with student pilots to build up to the 1200 hour requirement. That is largely in small, non-air conditioned airplanes. Or you pay someone a lot of money (ATP INC, etc) to get into one of the training or Ab-Initio programs.
2. You get a chance to work at a Regional after you do that, and work CRAZY hours which means you don't have much of a life. The pay was around $30,000 a year. I was making way more than that, so that wasn't good. This could be a 3 to 8 year stint. Crazy hours is you have two or three flights a day, then flip and do 3 more the next day. Sleep between flights, grab naps when you can. Yikes.
3. Then if you are good, you can move to the airlines, and fly right seat (First Officer) for a few years. The pay goes up after that. You can get a chance at the Captain seat after a while.

From where I was, I'd take too much of a loss - I had a wife and 2 kids. So I decided to stay where I was. I'm past the mandatory retirement age. Maybe they could push that back to a higher number? That would help.
Steve Stein 8
You forgot to mention Obama’s tan suit.

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srobak 10
They aren't her politics. It is the socio-political reality of our world today. Society blurred the line and put into every aspect of life - including work, and the requirements and qualifications and disciplines necessary to do said work.

Yeah, "she went there" - and as much as I usually dislike her ramblings in threads - in this case there is little ramble, and lots of right on target.
DonDengler 0
I’m not a her.
srobak 6
Your handle literally denotes femininity - and clearly so. Are you really going to start the pronoun game, here? Your previous posts did not show you on that side of the fence - but perhaps I was wrong.
DonDengler -5
You lost the biggest one today. :)))))
DonDengler 0
Go for SCOTUS 6.
Michael Dendo 1
Truth hurts?
Robert Black 6
It is more than retirements, that airlines can plan for. It has been Commiecrat COVID19 clot shots required that forced so many pilots out. That was partially Buttkicks oun fault.
boughbw 7
So it was the COVID shot requirements at the end of 2021 that led to the decline in available pilots and not the implosion of travel industry in early 2020? Interesting claim.
srobak 17
As Winford said - the pilot shortage has been coming for years.... it's been visible the whole time. Covid killing the travel industry combined with the jab requirement heavily exacerbated the problem. Don't think for a second that it didn't. Yeah - all those pilots were slated to retire over that 2 year span anyway - but not at the rapidly accelerated rate the jab requirement brought about, plus the ones it forced out of the industry - and also further complicated by a nearly 2 year cessation of new pilot training.

Yeah - the industry was already facing an uphill battle, but it was the fed that pounded the nail in the coffin - and much earlier than the industry was planning for.
Harry Venison -6
You mean the vaccination shot that has saved hundreds of thousands of lives? "Jab", you deplorable's love to use that buzzword in your bubble.

You'll take every fkn pill on the planet, but one little shot you p***y's are afraid of, lmao.
waynej007 1
You mean the EXPERIMENTAL jab for the China Virus. Not a real vaccine.
waynej007 1
You mean the EXPERIMENTAL jab for the China Virus. Not a real vaccine. The one that many in the military and police forces are deciding to refuse and decreasing their forces due to forced reductions.
DonDengler 25
Pete making decisions for the airline industry. Joke of the day.
There would be no “pilot shortage” if the scheduling committee was competent! Easy fix. Just schedule flights that commensurate with the number of flight crews. Simple
Dale Ballok 4
Harry Venison -2
Ok Genius, go join the scheduling committee and get back to us on that 'easy'fix.

Sound like tRUMP spouting off everything is easy on paper, until you actually have to do the work.
DonDengler 1
Viva President Donald J Trump!
Sean Awning 19
Given that qualified pilots aren't a commodity produced in a sweat shop somewhere else on the planet, wouldn't it make more sense to limit the flights the airlines can promise to the number they can crew?
William Lucas 18
If people who were sacked without any payout don't want to work for the airlines, who can make them?, except in China, North Korea and Russia!
Larry Dalton 33
Politicians exist in an alternate reality!
Michael Dendo 15
And with little purpose.
Sadly, they actually exist in our reality.
Ain't that the truth!
Jay Lauhon 25
Buttigieg is an imbecile. Attempting to manage the operational content of a private business is not a legitimate government function.
Joe Baylock 8
You forgot to add "especially one that he knows absolutely nothing about".
William Lucas 2
What Politician ever knows what their portfolio is about? They all depend on their public servants to know everything!
Dale Ballok 7
Exactly! He’s delusional, just like MLB umpire Angel Hernandez suing the league, after being the worst at his job, ever!
Buttigieg had another option: Amtrak Acela. You'd think a Transportation Secretary would be aware of this!
Michael Dendo 12
Not this idiot.
Sean Awning -2
Have you priced a ticket on the Acela lately? Maybe he was trying to be budget-conscious.
Billy Koskie 23
Two things. The DC don't do anything until it affects them. And how do you force an industry who is actively trying to hire more people to hire more people?
I wonder how many of the over 4500 pilots awaiting long FAA approval for their flight physicals were the result of covid reactions? You could get more a/c airborne if this process were expedited.
Michael Dendo 13
Delay and poor process are the hallmarks of government oversight.
jgoedker 2
Where did you find that information? I haven't seen or heard of delays. Certified flight physicians can approve the exam on the spot. Now if you're speaking of special issuances, that may be a different story. I went down that road successfully only once and the second go-around put an end to my flying. Waiting six weeks for a post-dated six-month approval was just too much.
Tim Hill 19
That is like telling the trucking industry to hire more drivers when there are no drivers to hire.
not only is this guy a joke the whole administration is an embarrassment to our country
96flstc 28
...he should look within his own DOT and ask why 135 applications are wait listed (almost two years) due to "resource considerations"
Dale Ballok 8
There ya go! They’re going to “force” hiring? That’s right, I forgot that anyone can just raise their hand and say they’d like to fly an airplane, and presto, they become a pilot,(of a commercial airliner, no less)!
RECOR10 15
I would be willing to bet that not enough of the candidates has ovaries or the proper skin color......
MSU Sparty 16
Mayor Petey Poo couldn’t even run the South Bend Bus System which has a total of 9 buses. Just another socialist imparting their ways on the working people.
ncr1jec 36
High fuel prices and hiring regulations the cause. Buttigieg has no clue what he is doing. Go back to Indiana and get back into your safe place.
srobak 15
Hey - we don't want him back in Indiana, either.
dnorthern 24
He’s throwing a hissy fit as his flt was cancelled
DUDE!!! Clueless Democrat!!
it isn't that the airlines WON'T hire workers..they can't FIND the workers. Under 30 crowd does not want to work. They believe they can make more $$$ on FB, youtube, tiktok.
DonDengler 3
Not totally true. We are forgetting the kids who are in college, clean cut and determined. The liberal “news” only shows you the losers. If companies cannot get hired help it’s because companies treat hires like crap. Pay them a stipend and then assume they can be walked on. So why “work”. ? When companies are appreciative of their hires then you’ll see better staffing. Period.
William Lucas 1
The "Kids in College" are the future don't want to works, as the colleges don't teach them responsibility, only how to claim unemployment easily!
wmstapp 10
Ah-Ha! Here's the real reason:

"Following Buttigieg’s own flight being canceled, forcing him to drive from Washington to New York, he said his department has authority to enforce action against airlines that do not sufficiently maintain consumer-protection standards, potentially requiring them to hire more staff."

I Knew there had to be some underlying narcissism.
wmstapp 12
... I wonder if he made the drive in an electric car?
dnorthern 30
Where is the labor pool from which the airlines will be forced to hire? Does he have the power to force folks, who don’t want to work, to work?

Sounds like he is butt hurt because staffing shortages affected him
Roy Hunte -5
He gets butt hurt often because of the way that he is.
amacnabb 8
Pun intended? LOL!

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Richard Skiba 4
NOT! Please stay out of private business!
DonDengler 1
All Airlines are Public. Traded Publicly on the open Markets.
Force the pilots to take the jab or be forced to quit. Those that took it are dying or have suffered serious complications that ground them. Now Butthead thinks he has the power to force the airlines to hire more pilots? Where do they come from? And do the have to be vaccinated? This administration has screwed up everything in this country so skeptical.
I wasn't pleased by forced vaccinations (it pointlessly increased the already startling loss of leo and fd personnel in Seattle) - but do you have any cites on those deaths of the vaccinated pilots?
chuck berlin 10
What a fool....loose cannon statements like this by our clueless leaders are the reason for many of our problems..not only with this issue but with other issues that we are facing

This is typical of this entire administration - take no government responsibility for what is going on but try to publicly pass the blame to corporate America who is just following the guidelines that these morons set...

Yeah - let's hold a job fair at the local Walmart and hire a few thousand pilots for immediate hire..tat will solve the transitory problem that will start to self-correct sooner rather than later....

maybe our clueless Sec Trans can start to push the transformation of the ATC system as well..maybe if he can put a "global warming" spin on this, he can get the rest of our feckless "representatives" on board....
I'm from the government and I'm here to help YOU!!!
Harry Venison -1
Don't worry, your Lord and Savior tRUMP will save the world, hahahahaha.
Somebody tell Harry that Trump hasn't been president for 18 months - though guess it's an easy mistake, seeing how he was replaced by a pair or bricks.
This guy is an idiot! The pilot shortage has been coming for years as others here state, we don't begin to produce the pilots we once did pre 9/11. I personnaly don't care to ride in the back of an airliner if the experience requirements are dropped by 50% as many regionals are asking for. It seems the retirement age could be raised again as many countries have done, this would buy some time. I find it interesting, those who make the rules force Air Traffic Controllers to retire at age 56, Part 121 pilots 65, yet they can keep making bad decisions in our government until they collapse or die! WTH?
jgoedker 3
There's that old saying, "You spend half your career getting to the left seat, the other half trying to get out of it". To most pilots, retirement is a long-awaited goal set by pension rules. Likely raising the retirement age would only retain those folks that simply love flying. But after twenty years of airline employment, those are hard to find. The truth is, not all pilots were happy about raising the retirement age and I would doubt you would find a lot of them anxious to see it raised again. And, I think it would be a very hard sell to the union groups to change pension programs which is the real driving force with retirements.
where's the employees. airlines were given billions in PPE to retain employees where's the $ .....where's the employees
Michael Dendo 7
Just as a reminder, the PPE you speak of was to retain employees till a specific date not forever. While some may have abused the terms, all in all you have to staff to workload cand available equipment. Also, a big problem government has is lack of understanding regarding long term planning. Businesses like airlines don't plan utilization for 1 month out they plan for years out. Dumb government doesn't get if the industry hired 10,000 pilots today, they wouldn't be ready for work on Monday.
Roy Hunte 24
Old Buttygig has no clue what his department and others have done to jobs, not only aviation related....
linbb 19
Sad when some dumb ass like him or that vice Prez shoot there mouths off shows how far behind the eight ball they really are. He has no clue as to how things work. Seems to think if he says it magic will happen. Suddenly he is going to anoint people and make them pilots? Or just as bad mechanics to work on aircraft? Really? Wow here is a thought all of those squatters living in tents could be called to work or taught to fly airplanes its not that hared to do is it? lol.
Peter McGrath 16
Politicians don't care about quality or safety just as long as it makes them look good. Any fallout after the fact, they'll just blame on someone else.
Bill Ross -7
................ and you've an idea, any idea, about how to correct the matter?
jgoedker 15
Sometimes there is no solution. The airlines took great measures to take the glamour out of the pilot workforce. The rewards (pay) have now been reduced to the average for other skilled professions. It is not only retirements that plague the industry but the lifestyle and insecurity that comes with the job that drives many qualified pilots to another profession. The constant battle to find bid patterns that offer something close to normal home life. Living out of a suitcase, missing family events. The union environment places your starting date ahead of your skills and employee traits. The reality is the fancy uniform and glory walks through the concourses simply are not enough these days to attract young folks to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars and ten years or more of low pay time building to get to a right seat airline position. Then, once there, the constant six-month health test can end it all. Perhaps it is time the industry and the public realize aircraft are not all that good at mass transit. It never was! But, they keep trying. So if by some chance they pull the "autonomous" aircraft out of their hat soon, we'll be talking about this for a long time.
Dale Ballok 16
First, get rid of Buttjoke, and hire a competent Trans, secretary!
Dale Ballok 11
POTUS after election: Hey, Buttjoke, I know you need a job. Know anything about transportation? Uh, ya, getting from point A to point B. Perfect, you’re hired. That’s all yo need to know!
Hey Pete, does Ft. Wayne have an airport? Great! The job is yours.
jgoedker 3
Way back in Minnesota they elected a pro wrestler as Governor. He immediately took a lot of heat for not having a black person in his administration. So, to solve the issue he installed a local black man to the Chairmanship of the Minneapolis Airport commission. This person, a really nice guy, but with no experience whatsoever other than owning a couple of hangars at a commission-controlled airport was installed and the problem for the Governor was seemingly solved. I would guess Biden may have had a similar need to appease a certain voting group. But, that's politics.
Michael Dendo 1
Thatvwill never happen under UDJ.
Mark Kortum 14
Buttigieg is a classic, run-of-the mill, know-it-all tyrant, He really knows very little and shows no interest in working or learning. He gets some sort of pathological validation by telling other people how to think and behave.
srobak 5
Your last 2 sentences = every libturd whackadoo in the nation. Scale for title as appropriate. :)
Charles Field 5
Thank heavens he will be gone in a year
srobak 8
Not soon enough!
Bill Overdue 5
Boot Edge Edge has no idea what the hell he's doing, not unlike others in the Administration!
Force Buttigieg to work, I don't think he is doing much except being a baby nurse.
Jay Nichols 4
I doubt that the government can legally force a private company to hire employees. It wouldn't be construed as an "emergency" for people to go on vacation.
D Rotten 6
Sorry, Buttihurt.......feds have ZERO 'power' to do this! Just as fed/state had ZERO power to SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN! << THIS being part of the REASON 'why' this is happening; along with FORCING Pilots/staff to get injected with the EXPERIMENTAL mRNA BIO-WEAPON INJECTIONS. NOW? you've got a bunch of DEAD/DISABLED Pilots/staff! When those who are QUALIFIED to do a certain job(s) fall DEAD/DISABLED.......THIS is the outcome. WHAT did you THINK would happen?!?!?! It's called CAUSE & EFFECT.
bentwing60 8
Tim Danaher 2
Hey Pete you can't hire what isn't there! Not sure about commercial I work in cargo and lately companies have been recruiting from each other. Of a guy 4 10's instead of 5 8's plus a little money new employee! Saw it happen with a few companies so I guess as the summer moves on let's see what fuel prices do to flights. They better get ahold of this and stop these silly games they are going to cause a situation no one is going to be able to pull out of. 1929 all over again if they keep going! IMO.
From a guy that fix an Indiana pothole, the whole administrtion is a waste of space
Pete should have maxed out as Mayor. The guy hasn't a clue...
Rick VanSice 2
Ahhh...knee jerk reaction. Cried because his flight was cancelled, but if a regular citizen cried about it, you would hear nothing from his office!
this guy is clueless just like the entire CCP compromised illegal regime that this guy is part of.
Michael Dendo 4
This Moron really has proven how dumb and incompetent he is. But why would we be surprised by anyone who is part of this administration.
Wow. Typical Biden Administration tactic - we'll FORCE airlines to hire more people.
When the government is paying so much in unemployment that people don't want to go back to work.
Is anyone ANYWHERE in a place where you don't see HELP WANTED signs at numerous businesses? I saw dozens of them as I drove through Illinois yesterday, two billboards advertising job openings, 2 new factory buildings looking for workers, an existing factory working for workers.

Where will these new employees come from? I'm already working 3 jobs!
jgoedker 2
Where will they come from? Just south of the Texas border!
DonDengler 2
Cannot force this. This is just more Liberal nonsense posted on FAKE NEWS. Don’t get riled up by this crud.
trentenjet 8
Blame it all on Obama
srobak 5
I do, actually. Remember - his entire platform was to "fundamentally transform America".

Well - it took a bit longer than his 2 terms, but his minions remained behind still executing their agenda, and it took a heavily amplified, hyper-overreaction to what in reality was a mild crisis to get it done.... but they got it done!

We are looking at many years if not decades of course-correction to fix all of this transformation of fundamentals and get the country back on track. Almost 60 years of progress, achievement and prominence for this country - completely undone at almost every level in just 5, short years. So sad.
DonDengler -1
Take your Dramamine because you’re gonna be sick on the RED tsunami that’s a comin’
srobak 3
huh? why the hell would I be sick from that? you need to read my post again and get some comprehension going.
DonDengler 0
I skip this name.
Bill Ross -4
Just as valid as blaming it on Putin or Trump...
Joe Keifer 3
I remember when the FAA put a premium on a person's demographics and family income level when hiring prosepective air traffic control specialists. I hope that sort of philosophy doesn't extend to the flight deck.
feknight 5
Check out the new airline sponsored training schools. At least 1 said that 80% of their students will be admitted based on their race, gender, or other social minority status categories (i.e., demographics). The remaining 20% of those admitted will compete for entrance based on their skill and capability. It HAS already hit the flight deck (or will when these candidates graduate).
The only category that should and must be used is competency, none of which qualifies under the current “administration”.
mike moseley 2
Given the billions in bailouts and corporate welfare the airlines have received over the decades I think us taxpayers should have a say in how the airlines are run. Start by paying pilots a living wage.
chiefaviator 1
This guy and administration are 3rd world wannabe dictators.

First Buttigieg blocks all mitigation proposals.

Then he threatens airlines for not readily having a supply of personell that require years of training and experience.

And also has no clue in the costs. When you live in that elitist government world, cost don't matter I guess.
DonDengler 1
BUTTGIG. Is a sissy
Richard Voit 1
You nailed it, Larry. Couldn't have said it any better.
Steven Nolen 1
Then we should have the power to force the government to hire enough staff.
Michael Dendo 3
I would prefer they hire competent staff based solely upon their qualifications to do a specific job. They have more tan enough staff; just too many incompetents like Buttabum and UDJ.
darjr26 1
The Transportation Secretary can actually do a lot to pressure the airlines to provide better service. Using the ATC system they can limit how many aircraft can enter the system at any given time. The DOT can also issue rules regarding how long a flight can sit on the ramp without giving the passengers a chance to get off. Take off and landing slots can also be controlled at some airports. The FAA certifies each airline. They can inspect each airline’s operation to evaluate how safe a product they are producing. These actions, and many more, could result in the airlines hiring more employees or reducing their schedules to a more manageable level.
jgoedker 2
First of all, the FAA can oversee the industry but where do you think their expertise might come from. Another old saying in aviation is "if an FAA employee had any KSA's they would be working at a real aviation job".

Sitting on a ramp was usually caused by snarled traffic most often caused by FAA controllers, not airline boardroom members. Most delays are caused by weather or FAA controllers yet the airlines must do the reporting as if they have total control over the situation. Even to the point of requiring airlines to publish on-time records. Somebody, please tell me how that enhanced safety or how it changed this situation.

Flights usually sit on ramps because they have no gate to return to or no space to maneuver. They have a (FAA) clearance to push back, then get a hold on the taxiway. Airlines are responsible to the extent they try to do more than a facility is capable of, but they take the heat for delays and pay the FAA-imposed fines. Fines are the solution of choice with any Government oversight. Limiting the airport capacity by the FAA would only exacerbate the situation we're talking about. What's better? Being late or no available flight at all?

Takeoff and landing slots were necessary at some airports simply because there were too many aircraft trying to use the limited space. The FAA chose to allow airlines to buy and sell these slots among themselves creating the hub monopolies we have today at most major airports. These slots are now considered to be airline assets that pretty much lock smaller carriers completely out but do nothing to solve the problem of delayed flights. Quite the opposite as should a Slot controlled airport be closed, it sends holds to almost every other airport in the system.

As for the FAA evaluating the safety of an operation, again, where do they get the knowledge to do so? Has anybody ever seen the credentials of an FAA employee? They are as mysterious as IRS tax collectors.

Today's safety record is driven more by tort laws and the desire of everybody in the industry to put their families on safe air travel. Nobody wants to be responsible for a disaster. That's from the CEO right on down to the aircraft cleaners.

And, I might add, that includes the now hated Boeing Company. Again, a large part of the industry that the DOT/FAA nearly destroyed. If the all knowledgeable DOT/FAA had the expertise to oversee something as complicated as a commercial jet, they certainly would have pointed out the deficiencies of the MAX 8. But they chose to cover their butts pointing the blame entirely on Boeing with the appropriate (to the FAA) penalties that go with it. They are great at after-the-fact solutions.
Kevin Keswick -3
The staff shortages were caused by the vaccine mandates that the Biden regime pressured the Airlines to impose on their workers. End ALL vaccine mandates and hire back the workers that were fired and give them all their lost back pay!

Of course that alone will not solve the problem because many airline employees have been vaccine injured. For pilots this is career ending because the myocarditis caused by the experimental drugs mean that they can never get a medical certificate again because their hearts have been damaged beyond repair.

I just hope that there is justice in this world and before this is over all of the people responsible for forcing healthy people to get injected with an experimental drug are brought to justice. In my opinion they are guilty of mass murder and should receive the ultimate punishment for their actions. This includes public health officials - Fauci being number one but also the heads of the CDC and NIH - politician's all the way up to Biden who forced a large segment of the American population to get injected with WHAT THEY KNEW were potentially lethal drugs.

There needs to be Nuremberg style trials held so that all of these people are held accountable. And while Pfizer cannot be sued it's CEO and top management can and should be charged with lying about the safety of their experimental drug which has caused countless deaths - probably in the millions. They to must face the ULTIMATE punishment.

As for Mayor Pete he should quit his job before he causes any more damage to the USA and go back to nursing his new twins a job that he is more qualified to do than run the US transportation system.
Completely agree. And to everyone who down-voted - bookmark this page and set a reminder to come back and read it again in about a year and half and see what you think then.

I'm continually amazed that people interested or actually involved in a technical profession where decision making skills and discernment are required, are unable to find legitimate news sources with which to inform themselves.

Everything Kevin stated is a fact, and just because you haven't heard it come out of the mouth of Lester Holt or George Stephanopoulos, doesn't mean shit.

All corporate media receives the majority of its funding (75%) from Pharmaceutical companies. Do you honestly think they're going to report the *truth* about the problems (and agenda) associated with these lethal injections?
jgoedker 1
An awful lot of conjecture in his post. But I will say there was a day drug companies were not allowed to advertise their products. We can thank our politicians for that wonderful enhancement to our society!
Huck Finn 1
I thought that Buttergoo was still on family leave with his, er, husband and didn't have to show up for work.
Bill Ross -7
These blogs seem, like flies to dead meat, to attract the keyboard commandos loaded with snarky comment that add but little to the matter.
Jody Villa 8
You mean like yours?
Jackson Franco -5
Useless buttplug.
Justthefacs 0
Mrs. Buttjag said what?
Les Lewis -2
This is my first and last comment on this forum. It has turned into nothing but a political forum bashing everyone who does not believe that the government does good more often than not. The rude, homophobic comments about Buttigiegt, the racist remarks about Mexico and the general hatred toward everyone who is not a committed right-wing (i.e. Trump) believer has gone too far. Differences about ideas and ideology can be expressed with courtesy and respect.
Joe Baylock 3
Odd. I just read the whole thread and you are the first person to mention the T-word. Go figure.
Russ Nelson 3
The government does good things, yes, but those good things come a the cost of all the bad things it does, plus the good things it doesn't do, plus it starts off on the negative side of the ledger because its only tool is coercion, and people will always resist coercion even if it's something they would do if they were free to do it voluntarily plus the government writes run-on sentences like this one.
Rut roe! Someone needs a hug!
Larry Doench 1
Les - well said

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

dnorthern 9
To suggest your comment is baseless dribble would be giving it far more credit than you deserve
FAA? Naaaa..OSHA has gone to far. A great start would be to eliminate TSA altogether as they have never been proven to do anything but cost taxpayer money.
jgoedker 6
I can't say I totally disagree but the TSA has little to do with this conversation.
darjr26 -3
Can we ease up on the homophobic comments?
We're going to start calling you, "The party of perpetual offense". Geesh, you people get offended when the sun rises ...
srobak 3
disliking or disagreeing with something/someone ≠ being afraid of it.
DonDengler 2
Well , don't read the comments then and you won’t be offended. Simple fix.


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