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Flight attendant delivers passenger's baby on board Frontier Airlines flight

A woman gave birth to a healthy baby in a lavatory on board a Frontier Airlines flight, according to a Facebook post from the airline. The passenger went into early labor during the flight from Denver (DEN) to Orlando (MCO), said the post, which was shared on May 17. Flight attendant Diana Giraldo then helped her get to the lavatory and assisted in delivering the baby. ( More...

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Cleffer 7
I can't even stand up straight in that room and here we have people delivering babies. HOW???
kudos to the f/a! the job they have is much more than just serving drinks,especially nowadays!to deliver a baby in a very,very small space is not a small feat!
Chris B 5
Only free flight that kid will ever get, and they won't remember it.
Paul Miller 8
Goodness me, How did they even both fit into the tiny Rest Room on a plane ? let alone have a baby in one. Guess that it might have been better not to have flown when your getting close to delivering a baby !!!
alan75035 3
So was the mom charged for an additional carry-on?
Dave Mathes 3
...only after she rebarked...
matt jensen 4
In my day, all the stews were nurses. They delivered a lot of babies over the decades.
Karluz Heiz 2
The baby must get lifetime flight tickets with this airline.
Karluz Heiz 2
I believe would be much better she deliver the baby in her seat rather than in a dirty lavatory, as most of regional airliners during flight have at least a lavatory all pissed...why not occupy the seat roll for that!
Lori Anderson 1
I thought you couldn’t fly more than 6 months pregnant?
I'd hate to have a baby in the nasty bathroom of ANY airplane. That said, maybe this baby came early? I think, if memory serves me, you could fly up to 8.5 months. Again, if the agent didn't ask, (and some wouldn't for fear of insulting the person), there is no way to prove the person is telling the truth. When we flew from Dominica to JFK we always were mentally prepared to deliver babies as the women wanted to have the baby in the US....anchor baby...and then they'd be able to stay. They flew out at 9+months and simply were thought of as fat women.
Lori Anderson 1
Thank you for the reply. What would have happened if there were complications with the delivery and the plane couldn’t land to save the mother or the baby? This is irresponsible on the mother’s part, and stupid. I would think an airline would want to protect themselves and their staff from such issues. Some people are obviously pregnant and they should have a doctor’s note stating their estimated delivery date.
I’ve seen several pictures of pregnant women at the Southern border trying to do exactly as you state. The law needs to change to prevent this from taking place.
Crt Mori 2
In EU my wife had to have doctor's note and estimated delivery date before they let her board. And after 34th week she would not have been allowed on flight (if I remember right) anyway...
waring 1
The article clearly says "early" labour. I suspect it's unlikely anyone from Denver would be fleeing to Orlando in hopes of asylum or refuge. (Frontier's flying-while-pregnant policy is here:

This is really good news in these troubled times !!


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