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American Airlines is suing The Points Guy for letting customers manage frequent flyer miles on the TPG app

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American Airlines is suing The Points Guy over the management of customers' frequent flyer miles. The airline previously sent TPG a cease-and-desist notice, leading TPG to preemptively sue. American says the data isn't secure outside its system, but TPG says customers should decide. American Airlines is suing The Points Guy over the TPG app's frequent flyer mile management tool, saying it violates trademark and privacy rules. The lawsuit is the latest escalation in a dispute… ( Mais...

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William Reading 1
Recap link here, since the Yahoo link is paid:

Looking at the functionality starting on page 32, this app sounds great. It looks like it grabs your points balance and figures out if you have enough points to book a specific flight, considering transfer partners and even credit card bonuses.

I could see why American wouldn't be happy with them, since it just uses them as a conduit for spending miles. I wonder if them simply not using the trademarks and arguing that it's the customers doing the logging in, and not them (so take it up with your customers) is enough to win the suit.


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