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Ouch: Emirates’ Longest A380 Flight Diverts… Twice

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Passengers on Emirates flight EK216 from Los Angeles to Dubai are getting quite the world tour today, as they’re stopping in both Toronto and London. This is Emirates’ longest flight in the world to begin with (since the Dubai to Auckland route is suspended) — the flight ordinarily covers a distance of 8,339 miles, and is blocked at 15hr50min. On this particular flight, passengers will be onboard for well over 24 hours. ( Mais...

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Scott Campbell 1
that's one way to get into to Canada
bentwing60 1
Or, one might just walk across the border at the DRT international bridge and get on the 'Left' NGO bus and 'catch a ride'. They ain't all stoppin' in Texas, I hope!
Scott Campbell 1
Emirates does fly 5x per week to Toronto, but Tuesday is one of the days without service
Robert Cowling 0
A happy ending. I remember reading about a flight to the Big Island that was diverted twice as they took off from LAX, as I remember. Imagine having that happen, twice. It's great that they were able to return, twice, safely, and shows how potentially fragile human life is, and how the flying process works so well to protect it.

I was on a flight that did a go-around, and I was surprised how many people panicked. I, obviously, didn't know why, but we did circle for a bit and came in on a different runway. The weather conditions were on the low end of VFR, but not bad, calm. I commended the flight crew, and knew they were getting tired of answering the queries from departing passengers. *eyes roll*


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