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Frontier Airlines will require employees to get vaccinated or regularly take Covid tests

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The measure follows United Airlines' announcement earlier Friday to require its U.S. staff to be vaccinated no later than Oct. 25. Frontier said workers will have until Oct. 1 to show proof that they received a Covid-19 vaccine, or regularly test negative. The airline said its decision was due to the rapid rise in delta-variant Covid cases. Frontier Airlines on Friday said it will require employees to get vaccinated against Covid-19 or regularly provide proof of negative tests. The… ( Mais...

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John Tuzi 2
No government, no company, no individual has the right to make medical decisions for others. #jointherevolution

Ed Kostiuk 1
REAL CASE: 1991.....lineup and get your shot...before you do sign this TOP SECRET piece of paper.

We stood in line to take a shot, signed the Top Secret form....retire after 28 in 1998....visit VA in 2006 "we don't know what causes these things on your body." Could it have been the top-secret shot we received during the Gulf War?

We can't find anything in your records showing you got a shot...well no, hell no, it was top secret. "Sorry but if it's not in your records you didn't get it."

United and other companies are opening up a pandora's box.


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