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Airline Flies Six-Hour ‘Flight To Nowhere’ Following Bird Strike

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A plane flew a six-hour “flight to nowhere” after a bird strike in mid-air. KLM flight 515, which departed Amsterdam Schiphol airport for Zanzibar, Tanzania, on 28 February, was flying over the Mediterranean Sea just south of Greece when the crew made the decision to turn back for the Dutch capital. ( Mais...

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bentwing60 4
As several comments from the article point out, a B1rd strike at 390, Kinda doubt it!
Larry Toler 3
Maybe they had to burn off fuel. I was working a flight from RIC to LGA on an EMB145 and our gear wouldn't retract. We flew circles around Eastern VA for an hour before we could land. I was keeping my pax entertained by pointing out landmarks and some good fishing holes between the Chickahominy and James Rivers.
Shenghao Han 1
Could be a unnoticed hit at low altitude (or even 13000 feet), then vibration got worse/lose power later in flight.


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