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2020 Was Boeing’s Worst Year On Record For Order Cancellations

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Boeing’s 2020 was not a year the company will remember fondly. ( Mais...

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Paul Miller 2
Well ? What a surprise that is then mmmmmmmmmm.
Roy Hunte 1
MH370 must have anti-Boeing links set to high alert. Dumkopf.
Thomas Goley -2
it's amazing how fast a company can go from pride and quality to profit and garbage. all around the time they started the merge with McDonnell Douglas.... its really so sad
Greg S 5
Boeing aircraft are still the finest in the world, and that includes the 737 and particularly the 737 MAX. The MCAS debacle is rightly laid at the feet of the Boeing management (among other places), but your claims are the standard childish fare we've heard over and over again.
Thomas Goley -1
i disagree watch this and tell me what you think.


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