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Ukraine: Black box transcript confirms illegal interference with jet downed in Iran

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The transcript from the black boxes from a Ukrainian jet accidentally shot down by Iran on Jan. 8 confirm the fact of illegal interference with the plane, Ukraine’s deputy foreign minister wrote on Twitter on Friday. ( Mais...

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Mike Lynn 2
There needs to be some verbal clarity here. Maybe this is cleaner and clearer: "Trigger happy Iranian boobs shot down an unarmed civilian airliner." I hate articles that play with words like this Reuters dispatch."Illegal interference" is given as a direct quote from Yenin, a Ukrainian official. But Reuters for some reason was very timid in how they wrote this.

The Ukrainians should hold the Iranian's feet to the fire on this seeking at least $20 million per dead passenger.

The guys that were running the radar at the missile site and especially the one who gave the command to fire the missile should say goodbye to their families, smoke their last cigarette and decide if they want a blind fold or not. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has always tended to be a trigger happy bunch regardless of what their weapon is and who they think they are using it against. This is an Iranian Islamic Revolutionary FUBR of monumental proportions.
rodolfo sero 1
No va a haber represalias?. El mundo las espera.
First Coast Air Group 1
The reference made is to GPS position interference.
Jim DeTour -7
The interference referred to is what Ukraine has undoubtedly had showcased to them in sales offers of american missile systems with integration into american system. The US can electronically cause an enemy radar system to display ghost and bogus incoming targets by radio spectrum games. Simple as all get out till you have morons running the system not caring if a plane with civilians is in it.

What will it bring? Bigger payoffs to Ukraine guys the US deals with in the arms purchasing department. Finding somebody to straight faced say they are sorry the trick didn't work so well when it actually did killing Ukrainians and Iranians.
Robert Jennings 1
I doubt that the NTSB could get away with "illegal interference". #2020PC
Rex Bentley 0
Accident, sure I believe ya, I know a million that don't but I do.
walter onofri 2
That statement is allready "NEWS".
Give it at least a chance!
ko25701 4
Found it be possible they mean the transponder was being jammed?
Silent Bob 14
So now we're calling the grossly negligent killing of 176 people "illegal interference" huh? Interesting!
James Willich 2
The ground-based missile "illegally interfered" with the airplane's ability to stay in one piece.
Mark Hanneman 2
The era of PC... we must avoid butt hurting our readership at all costs!
Michael Stansfield 8
That's Newspeak for "shot down", just like unexpected off-airfield landing is Newspeak for "crashed".

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