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Air Canada to fly modified business-only A319s on domestic routes

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Air Canada starting 1 June plans to fly three modified Airbus A319s with only 58 business-class seats between Toronto, Montreal and Ottowa, aiming to maintain air travel while minimizing the risk of coronavirus infection. ( Mais...

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Highflyer1950 3
Actually, from What I remember.....Jetz through Air Canada have operated three dedicated A320 in a 58 seat class which were chartered by sports teams both in Canada and the USA since 2001. Some rock bands used them as well. Since there are no sports teams currently in operation Air Canada repurposed these 3 aircraft for the YYZ,YOW,YUL triangle route twice a day.
A very interesting move ,this one. But again, I assume they will end up charging a higher fare than normal and not sure if all needy passengers could afford that. With the current situation, business travel is very much restricted and needs to be seen how this move materializes.
matt jensen 5
Only between Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal - hmmm not gonna work. Now if between those three and Vancouver, Calgary it might be worth the price. Border lockdown continues thru 22 June.
paul trubits 5
Four hour drive to Ottawa. Five hours to Montreal. Unless some one else is paying I am going to drive.
Highflyer1950 3
I don’t know Matt. That golden triangle route has been very profitable for decades. Mainly the business traveller and Air Canada at one time, I believe offered hourly service (Rapidair) from 06:00 to 21:00. You are correct though with 58 seats what’s the cost going to be?
canuck44 2
Obviously the seats are being paid by the Cnadian taxpayer as Simple Servants shuttle back and forth in their three piece suits carrying briefcases stuff with "impotent" informaltion.
david taylor 1
Sounds very "LetterKenny"!
Steve Hoker 1
These are the Jets, Hockey Charter jets, wish Delta would do the same withe the all buisness class 757 Charter jets. No need to have empty seats.


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