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Parked Delta Planes Shut Down Runway At Atlanta

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Delta is taking some major steps when it comes to parking its grounded aircraft. It appears that Delta’s parked planes in Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport have now shut down a runway at the world’s busiest airport. 600 of our 900 planes grounded and 3 of 5 runways in the busiest airport in the world are being used as parking lots ( Mais...

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ADXbear 2
Cant even imagine seeing 600 Delta jets parked on Atlanta Runways. Its a must take photo...hope we all get on the downhill side of this virus soon.
sharon bias 2
To occupy my time, trying to find out where airlines are parking their planes makes for an interesting pursuit.
Larry Toler 1
Delta parked quite a few in Birmingham, AL.
I remember well when braniff went out of business,being at the dfw aiport hyatt which at the time was the only airport on the premises,and looking out my window to see several hundred braniff planes in their colorful presence,basically parked note to tail and wing to wing on that side of the airport,,it was sad..
Robert Cowling 1
It's parking space. Perhaps they should talk to Boeing about 'creative parking solutions'.
Scott Campbell 1
Roswell New Mexico is filling up as well, normally an AA end of the line graveyard, even United triple sevens are showing up now for storage
Mike Boote 1
Many times I have visited Roswell and I always found the sound haunting! It was the sound of wind in the engines.


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