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A321 uncontained failure spurs urgent V2500 disk measures

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Operators of Airbus A320-family jets are being ordered to remove disks from certain International Aero Engines V2500 powerplants after an uncontained failure resulted in an aborted A321 take-off. The incident occurred on 18 March, says the US FAA, and involved a high-pressure turbine first-stage disk failure. ( Mais...

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Torsten Hoff 9
One blessing here is that with the greatly reduced air travel demands, the required work will have little or no impact on flights.
Robert Cowling 6
It's got to be exciting... Maybe designers need to go back to slide-rules and start slightly over-designing these blades. Looking at that behemoth GE engine, I'm surprised they haven't had more failures. Those blades are long, and the forces at the ends of them have to be incredible.
Ken Hardy 3
Tiny forging defects in the disks have a way of growing, its just a natural material process of thermal and dynamic cycles, its been that way since titanium started being used 70 years ago. the solution is to go to a ultrasonic inspection process instead of florescent penatrant to monitor the defects when the engine undergoes overhaul.
linbb -8
Where is MH370? He needs to see this AB has a faiure.
Chris B 7
Its not an AB issue. Its a Pratt and Whitney issue.


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