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Russian Military Launches Humanitarian Air Bridge Sending Il-76 Airlifters To Help Italy Fight COVID-19

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Russian Aerospace Forces Il-76 transports loaded with medical supplies and medical specialists are flying to Pratica di Mare Airbase, near Rome, Italy, in the ongoing COVID-19 relief effort. Photos of the aircraft were published today on Russian media outlets, but have not yet been widely reported in western media. ( Mais...

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Wolfgang Prigge 1
With the number of cases rising rapidly in Russia now this will probably stop soon.
Stuart Fountain 0
The EU refuses to help Italy and controlled;;ing news' no wonder EU flags are being hauled down n Rome
Wolfgang Prigge 1
Do you have any proof of what you are saying? Do you know that German hospitals are taking in patients in critical condition from Italy? They do the same for France, especially from the Alsace region that is hardest hit in France.


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