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Control tower at McCarran airport remains closed for third day

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The airport is operating 10 flights per hour, down from the normal rate of 30 to 56 aircraft per hour, leading to hundreds of flights being canceled and delays for arriving flights averaging 4 hours and 47 minutes Saturday morning, according to the FAA. Flights as of Sunday, March 22 at 10 AM, averaging 13 hours, according to FlightAware. ( Mais...

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sharon bias 2
Since almost anything of interest (shows, gaming, food) has been shut down anyhow, it doesn't seem like a big loss. I do wonder why they haven't managed to clean the tower after 3 days. How much stuff can a control tower have to clean?
Pa Thomas 2
Good News, People!
The arrival rate has been jumped from 10 to 12 per hour!
didn't the same issue of a controller showing positive for corona virus happen just a few days back,i believe it was midway airport?those people are in fairly confined spaces and they do use and touch the same is happening more and more...
MatthewF 1
Yes it was midway airport.
MatthewF 1
averaging delays for 13 hours.


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