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BelugaXL Enters Service For Airbus

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Aircraft manufacturing juggernaut Airbus announced this week that its new BelugaXL has entered service. ( Mais...

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ian mcdonell 1
No - it's just you
sparkie624 -1
Is it just me, or does this look more like an oversize Dolphin than an Aircraft.... To me, it does not look Proportional!.... IMHO
Wolfgang Prigge 3
You are right at least partially. It looks like a beluga, a white whale that lives in the Arctic Ocean and around. That’s where it got its name. Of course the proportions are dictated by its job, ferrying around large aircraft parts. I think the designers did a great job, underlining the beluga look with just a couple of gallons of black paint to make it look like a smiling whale.
sparkie624 1
It does look interesting... I hope those engines are a lot bigger than they look... LOL!
Wolfgang Prigge 1
They do look small, I agree, in proportion to the huge cargo hold, but they are perfectly up to the job it seems. From what I found they are Rolls-Royce Trent 700 turbofan, with 316 kN (71,000 lbf) thrust.


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