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Another Hit for MRJ Program, Trans States Cancels Order

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Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation has announced that Trans States Holdings has cancelled its order for the SpaceJet M90. The announcement is a blow for the beleaguered Mitsubishi regional jet program. ( Mais...

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FedExCargoPilot 3
Really too bad, would be a nice addition to the US regional market, unfortunate that we have pilots making these poor business decisions, they should be doing what they do best, flying the plane and not influencing these decisions. This scope clause is really hurting the industry and regional market leaving with outdated aircraft.
airuphere 2
You would think this would be going better for Mitsubishi with the bombardier regionals they just acquired. Why not focus on a new version of CRJ? The M90 is already facing a lot of competition with E2, and Airbus220.
Tobin Sparfeld 2
Isn't that what they're doing with the M100? It seems like a good plane in that smaller space. It's crazy that it will take them until 2024 to start deliveries though.
airuphere 1
Yeah I think the deal with Bombardier doesn’t close until 2020. They’re keeping a lot of the design staff in Montreal I’ve heard so hopefully that will get em going.
sparkie624 1
It was the other way around.. TSH did not cancel it... It was Mitsubishi that canceled when they renamed it to Space Jet and did not tell anyone.
patrick baker 0
persistance morphs into obstinence, with this company years and millions of dollars gone away


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