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Milwaukee Airport Preps For Democratic National Convention

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When the 2020 Democratic National Convention arrives in Milwaukee in mid-July, many of the city's 50,000 guests will travel there by airplane. Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport is getting ready in a number of ways, from sprucing up its restaurants and shops to developing a marketing plan to compete with O'Hare International Airport. ( Mais...

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James Bruton 1
Weather or amenities had nothing to do with DNC's decision choosing Milwaukee. Wisconsin is a swing state and after the Clinton fiasco of 2016 not to campaign there, the Dems are trying to make amends.
upgrades at an airport are always a "boon" for any in and out like to have the luxury of various nice restaurants or fast food places,comfortable places to sit or to use their "devices",and of course some open air atrium spaces,convenient and fast baggage claim area and ticket counters and easy to access gates..the democratic convention gives mke a great excuse to "spruce up" the airport...
Martin Cooper 0
DNC, good thinking, July's temperature in Miami, and Houston is 100°+, in Milwaukee, it's a comfortable 80°+.We all are use to big crowds, and look at the REVENUE it will generate im much needed Milwaukee.

paul trubits 0
Don't forget about the beer and brats.


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