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How Boeing Tried to Kill a Great Airplane—and Got Outplayed

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The mindset that created the 737-MAX fiasco has cost America’s once unbeatable company its world-class status. Instead of innovating, it played dirty. ( Mais...

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canuck44 3
They are very unlikely going to br able to recover that market segment. The C Series will stretch fairly inexpensively with most of the development costs already retired. Airbus is getting demands to develop the 500 and as they shut down the 380 programs they will have capacity to keep delivery times short enough to keep the orders coming.
bentwing60 2
Kinda think I made the point of the stretch possibilities of the C series here a few years ago, and the Boeing oppo. and it's subsidies. The result, voted down or off the thread! The 300 is better than 4 to 1 vs. the 100 in the order books and a direct compete with the smaller single aisle Boeing and legacy small single aisle AB. The 500 would be a bigger direct compete with both and a great aircraft, but few here seem to remember when AB upper echelon were thoroughly slamming the C series, before they bought em, virtually out of bankruptcy. History, not a mystery.
canuck44 2
You are correct but Boeing suing Bombardier tipped the scales and EADs did not want the Chinese to buy up Bombardier to feed their huge market. Boeing had pissed off both the Canadian government and the Quebec government. While Airbus got a good deal so did those two "investors". This was a better decision than Airbus had imagined from a blocking position to an in demand market dominant airliner.
bentwing60 2
I agree with all and will say that back then I defended my "Boeing guys" as de rigueur. The Max debacle, coupled with the current 76 refueler program, as well as the not so smooth 787 intro. has me comparing recent and current upper echelon Boeing management with the Welch, Immelt GE management era. Hard to watch!
bentwing60 1
Kinda think the 350-xxx has replaced the production on the 380 lines and the ramped up production of the 320 variants has to be in there somewhere. So when they build a new production facility for the 500, I'm sure, (ultimate sarc.) it will be in the states. cheers
Zachary Colescott 1
Damn...I thought this was going to be a story about the B757...:/


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