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Ethiopian Airlines and Interjet are close to sign for 32 Airbus A220 in total

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Ethiopia's flag carrier Ethiopian Airlines and Mexican low-cost operator Interjet are in talks with Airbus for the purchase of A220 jets. Mexico's regional carrier Interjet has recently announced that it would end its operations with the Russian-made SSJ100s due to the lack of spare parts and replacement engines. The airline is reportedly in talks with the European aircraft manufacturer for 12 Airbus A220 jetliners to replace its partially grounded SSJ100 fleet. Interjet is one of the… ( Mais...

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John Manley -9
good move Ethiopian! you dont deserve to fly Boeing with your shoddy and abhorrent maintenance practices! Seriously though... when is the UN going to do something about them beating up their employees for telling outsiders about their extremely illegal and unsafe maintenance practices? This airline should be shutdown after this new light that is finally coming out if it is indeed factual.


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