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Airbus uses Delta Airlines A220 flight to underline the delivery of it’s 12000 aircraft

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The flight spelled out 12k in the skies over the province of Quebec. ( Mais...

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dardav 8
zoom out when you look - way cooler...
Mike Atkins 1
Darday, much much cooler if you zoom way out and hit REPLAY.!
Mike Boote 3
Chris B 3
Imagining how long it would take for ATC to read out and then the Pilots read back the route.....
Mephistopheles 9
Flight plan authorized "as filed"...
Pete Schecter 2
Very cool; I wold have mis-spelled something....
scott8733 2
The route used cracks me up. Hopefully the crew won't be quizzed on this. Otherwise it will sound like a stream of consciousness reply if they do.
Scott Campbell 2
Ha 12 K via Bombardier and the Canadian people
Joe West 3
"'s 12000 aircraft " -- seriously? We're abusing the apostrophe so much that we have to do it in headlines now too?
Thomas Frisch 2
Watch your spelling. It should read of its 12000th aircraft. It's stands for 'it is'.
Have a nice day.
Wolfgang Prigge 3
Thanks, too bad I can not edit my text.
Mephistopheles 1
Event is for May 16...
Mike Atkins 1
Darday, much much cooler if you zoom way out and hit REPLAY.!
Larry White 0
Very unique! Is this flt path programmed in or done manually by crew? I wanna know. Also looks like chem-trails to me although chem-trails are normally straight and/or higher alt. (wink).
Tobin Sparfeld 0
It wasn't that easy to read the "K." And while they're on the subject, it seems a bit odd that the 12,000th "Airbus" plane is one that another company designed and they only own a 50.01% stake in.
Tobin; do you mean like the Boeing 717, or the Boeing C-17? Or the 80% Boeing-Embraer deal in 2019?

Mergers, collaboration and partnerships are the way of the world. Remember that Airbus is also building planes (for the restricted USA market) in Mobile Alabama.

Sit back and wait for flames.
Tobin Sparfeld 3
Fair point, Mike. I didn't say it was improper, just odd. It's kind of like a "Ship of Theseus" thought experiment as to when a plane becomes "yours." This isn't a merger like Boeing-MCD or United-Continental, or when a specialty automaker uses an Audi engine. Bombardier designed it; it was built in Quebec. I have no idea the extent to which Airbus executives have changed the culture at the program, but I would imagine that things are much as they were. Airbus didn't lay out any cash in the deal, and only owns half of the program. So yes, it's an Airbus plane, and yes, they should count it as their 12,000th, but compared to a 320neo, it feels -- odd.


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