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Qantas Says it’s Edging Closer to a Sydney to London Route

Qantas says it is edging closer to taking the next big step in air travel to fly passengers directly from Sydney and Melbourne to London, as well as Sydney to New York non-stop. The airline’s CEO Alan Joyce says he has challenged plane manufacturers to build an aircraft capable of a 21-hour journey and now believes there is an aircraft that will be capable of the task. ( More...

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Would you really want to fly that long non-stop? I think I'd prefer a layover somewhere. I feel like I'd end up like that woman in the movie Airplane! and just keep screaming "I've gotta get out of here!"
LethalThreat 4
Great movie!
william baker 1
“We’ve got to get clearance Clarence, roger roger what’s are vector victor, that’s Clarence oveur over.”

“Surely you can’t be serious, I am serious and don’t call me Shirley.”

“You better tell the captain wevr got to land as some as we can. This women has to be gotten to a hospital. A hospital? What is that? It’s a big building with patients, but that’s not important right now.”
LethalThreat 2
"looks like I picked the wrong day to quit sniffin' glue!"
Loren Wood 1
......and Amphetamine's and cigarettes and......
Roy Corrales 3
Agree with Brandon, almost at my 50's now I feel better including a stop to recover myself a little during a looooonnnng trip
Dan Langille 1
Hell yes.

I prefer non-stop flights over multiple stops.
mariofer 4
I don't think there will be an aircraft that can carry enough Single Malt for one to sit that long in Coach.......
mkeflyer 4
Having flown SYD-MEL_PER-LHR back in November, I would much rather fly non-stop from SYD-LHR. I was in premium economy on MEL-PER-LHR (787) and it was enjoyable but the extra 2hrs in PER was wasted time that could have been spent moving. Starting off in SYD the total travel time from the hotel to LHR was already 26 hrs. If the price is right and seat pitch is good that lets have at it!
C S 1
Pray, tell - why would you do this? 26h? Routing through BKK or SIN is quicker. You gotta be a glutton for punishment.....
critical329 3
There has got to be a B-52 somewhere that Qantas can purchase, with in-flight refueling and enough space for an exercise room, cricket pitch and suits for quiet sleep.Then, get a KC-135 or whatever the USAF can rent to the Ozzies, and do Perth to North Pole, with sewage dump capabilities.
Thirty years ago, Qantas flew a non-stop flight from London to Sydney. The aeroplane that achieved that was Qantas' first of its class: a Boeing 747-400. After more than 25 years service to the airline, VH-OJA, City of Canberra was recalled from Los Angeles, just a short hop from the wreckers at Victorville and put out to pasture at the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society's Museum at Illawarra Regional Airport, just south of Sydney.
Boeing found a way to store an extra 10 tons of fuel in tanks in the tail of Qantas' 747-438s. Thirty years earlier, Boeing produced a 'special performance' 707 for Qantas to fly the long hops from Australia to the rest of the world. John Travolta owned one of these "V-Jets". It is hard to believe that Boeing could not produce a new generation of 747s that would do London to Sydney, non-stop, commercially. Sadly, Joe Sutter is no longer with us.
Bob Myers 1
How big do you think a B-52 IS, anyway? (Hint: it's only about 4' longer than a 757.)
Matt Kase 2
On a flight of this length, I think there might be a business case to be made for eliminating economy altogether and outfitting their equipment with only business and first class cabins.
Oh No ! ... Too much of an ordeal.
Loren Wood 2
21 hours? In a plane? Next to someone I may or may not like? They better have good food and movies on that flight? Then again, having to get on and off a plane 2 or 3 times while transferring at an airport I probably don't like on a all ready long trip and converting a 30+ hour trip into a 21 hour trip sounds good.
l think a 21 hour flight from SYD-LHR, or SYD-JFK, although torture, would be better than wasted time connecting planes, worrying if your bags made the connection, if anyone still checks bags anymore? Does anyone really relax on a layover or do you just spend the time finding the next gate, purchasing something ridiculously expensive in a giftshop that you can get for pennies outside the airport and then getting antsy to board the next plane? It isn't too much longer than the 18 hrs is it now from LAX or SEO-SYD.
LadderCo2 1
Ok, 21 getting to the airport 2 hours before the flight...traffic to the airport, add another hour...wait for your bag, transportation, check-in...that's another 2 hours. So you're at a 26 hour trip.
patrick baker 1
or, they could get faster airliners, sonic booms be damned
Edward Bardes 1
I'd rather just get it over with - recovery will take days if not a week, but hey who's counting when your traveling that far
Geoff Davies 1
it may happen soon,but 20hrs plus in a plane without a stop off in cattle class no way.stop in asia at lest for a a clever traveller
Frank Lewis 1
They will need 2 crews
Andrew Bunker 1
Now retired why would I not want stopovers?
Chris B 1
Pilot announcements during a 21 hour flight.

After 8 hours: I'm sorry. The Aft bathrooms are full....and cannot be used
After 18 hours. I'm sorry all bathrooms are full. and cannot be used
AFter 21 hours......and a landing.....
VK2VC -3
I like the idea of a 4 or 5 hour flight from Sydney to Perth and then non stop to Europe. I don think there is much difference from the current options of 15 and 7 hours. I think for Qantas they dont have to code share and they keep more cash in Australia while having better control of the expenses.
Mike Monk 1
That is a naïve comment; a large portion of QANTAS expenditure is going OUT of Australia to lease/finance, foreign navigation charges and foreign fuel uploads.


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