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United reveals new livery ahead of official launch

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United has taken off the veil on its newest livery just hours before its official reveal on April 24th. ( Mais...

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To say that it is boring is being kind. All airlines are going for the same design of a white frame with a color tail.
Roger Anderson 1
All about them weight savings gainz
Cansojr 1
Absolutely, you can apply lighter paints that can knock off up to a 1000 lbs or more. You will have better fuel conservation and less pollution all around.
Scott Campbell 1
Geez, it's a paint job.. I ride in the inside, LIKE !
Jay Schumann 1
Looks like UAL couln't afford an artist. Oh well.
patrick baker 1
except for the old Lufthansas paint job i don't get all excited about airline exterior paint. Also the old Brannif flying colors was unique. I don't care about inflight personnel uniform changes, i care about seat confort, seat spacing, ontime flights, and that is about it. What does it matter what the heck the colors are?
Pileits 1
How can new paint have any importance what so ever.....NOT
Ken Bravogel 1
It’s called branding. Has nothing to do with Schleping people from terminal to terminal behind schedule.
Mike Boote 1
Looks bland to me.
John Manley 0
absolute barf fest


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