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Five decades ago, Boeing's new 727 jet also had a terrible start

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This is not the first time that Boeing has faced a crisis after launching a new plane with innovative technology. In 1965, three Boeing 727-100 passenger jets crashed in less than three months in the United States while coming into land, killing a total of 131 people. ( Mais...

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matt jensen 2
You can't compare the two. The 727 was the best available jet of its era. I flew in enough of them to know. There were 1831 built between 1960-1973 with 118 hull losses.
The main reason for the 737 was to eliminate the extra engine and the flight engineer. 10510 have been delivered since 1967 with 184 hull losses.
Andy Cruickshank 1
Do we know how many are still in operation. I am sure it is an impressive number.
matt jensen 1
I heard the last 27 was storeed two weeks ago from pax service. There's still a few flying cargo and successfully making money for their operators.
william baker 1
If I’m not mistaken the Boeing 727 was known as the plane that pilots flew by there seat of there pants. Always got them into trouble.

siriusloon 1
Oh, well, that's alright then. As long as this has happened before, no big deal, right?


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