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ANA Confirms First A380 Delivery Date: March 20

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All Nippon Airways (ANA) will be taking delivery of its first Airbus A380 on March 20, 2019. The airline will be hosting events in both Toulouse and Tokyo, where it will be revealing to the world its new cabin for the first time. ANA plans to put the first A380 into service on the May 24, flying from, Narita to Honolulu and back. ( Mais...

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Chip Hermes 2
Pretty exciting...can't wait for their first 707.
Roger Anderson 0
lynx318 1
So....they just bought a 'going out of production' plane.
paul gilpin 1
why not buy some lufthansa is trying to unload?
Bingham Liu 1
Exactly, probably could have bought all 6 of Lufthansa's A380 for the price of the 2 ANA paid.
Anton1 1
Best ever scheme on my favorite plane to fly on. Will try to include that ANA A380 in a round the world trip. Wish them best of luck!
Mike Hallas -1
How long is this going to last?


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