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VIDEO: Emirates completes its first A380 full gear change

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Emirates' maintenance division has completed the first entire landing-gear change for one of its Airbus A380s. The Dubai-based airline says that replacement of the aircraft's nose and four main landing gears was executed within a 14-day period at Emirates Engineering's facility. ( Mais...

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Andy Cruickshank 6
I am not an expert in any way, but did not realize that total gear changes are a part of regular
maintenance. I worked for a company that had long term contacts on high value equipment and scheduled component changeout was routine. We live in a sophisticated world.
Chris Muncy 6
It's amazing what they do with jigs to cradle those HUGE aircraft assemblies. Very impressive.
Robert Preston 3
What was wrong with the original set of A380 landing gear? I'm sure those will hit the used landing gear market pretty soon so I expect to see those in the bazaars in Morocco.
Andy Cruickshank 3
The gear will likely have a major ovehaul and then be returned for service on a future aircraft
Would make a great off road vehicle.
Jim Williams 2
Wonder how many hours or cycles were on this landing gear when it was removed, and if it will be the first gear evaluated on the A380 with a significant level of accumulated time?
carlos rivera 1
IT is really impresive....also that airline has the largest fleet ot A 380's..if not wrong by 2020 they will have about 70...That is another level...
bentwing60 1
So, how much did that cost. In the early CL60 days when the first gear overhauls were coming due per calendar item, the cost was coming in around 400 to 450 thousand dollars U.S.. Mostly due to corrosion. And the Challenger world exploded. And Bombardier/Dowty capped the O/H cost at $250 thousand in my many cycles later brain. That was in 2001 or so. Lots less tires and gear legs, a long time ago. I'd love to know?
sparkie624 1
From working gear changes in the past I find this very interesting, but also quite simplified. There was a lot left out, but very much enjoyed the video.
James Simms -2
Least it appears they didn’t try using shortcuts like American Maintenance on the American flight 191 DC-10.
J Smith 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Emirates Engineering executes first complete landing gear change for Emirates A380 aircraft

Emirates Engineering has successfully accomplished the first complete replacement of landing gear on A6-EDF, the first Emirates Airbus A380 aircraft to have its entire landing gear system replaced at one time.
Deborah Gilbert 0
Cool stuff!!

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Andy Cruickshank 5
Jerry Hargis 2
Probably required due to hour or cycle limits. Those units take a lot of pounding and probably require periodic inspection and overhaul.
Dave Mathes 3
...why are you surprised about that Eugene, is there something you'd like to share with the rest of us ?....
David Seider 1
Please enlighten us, Mr. Haban.
Inquiring minds want to know!
craigbell1941 -6
American 191 was not shoddy or short cut maintenance it was just an "end of shift/start of shift" oversight.
Jerry Hargis 11
No. I disagree. AA maintenance did not follow the DC10 maintenance manual. They used a forklift to lift the engine instead of the cradle designed for the job. They cut corners and it was shoddy.
JB Keena 3
Nobody noticed the loud “snap” that terrible night in Tulsa.
carlos rivera 1
Jerry....totally correct!!!!


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