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Analyst: Learjet Sale ‘Increasingly Plausible’

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A divestiture of Wichita-based Learjet from Bombardier’s aerospace portfolio is “increasingly plausible to lighten the overhang of $6.7 billion in debt” that matures starting in 2018, according to an investor analyst report published this week by Cowen and Company. During its second-quarter financial call last Friday, Bombardier chairman and CEO Alain Bellemare said the company is “addressing Learjet’s position due to significant pricing pressures.” ( Mais...

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Tyler Johnson 1
Really hope Learjet doesn't sell out to Cessna. That would be a sad end to the original business jet.
Ryan Allen 1
Unfortunately I don't see any other potential buyers. Textron will buy it and do exactly what they did at Beech with the Hawker, Beechjet, and Premier line, cease production so they can sell more Citations, and absorb the support side of the business. Just my thoughts.


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