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World's kindest stranger calmly soothes shrieking infant on early morning flight

Maybe we should all try a little kindness instead of hatred ( More...

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jaymeinen 8
My wife and I were traveling with our 10-month-old daughter from San Francisco to Honolulu on a very crowded Continental DC-10. We could only keep her occupied for a couple of hours as she kept getting more and more fidgety. A flight attendant from heaven asked if she could take our daughter. Our daughter was learning to walk and this flight attendant had her holding her fingers as she walked up one aisle and down the other. They made several laps around the airplane while my wife and I were able to relax. Our daughter spent a little energy and rested after that. Angels do exist!
Dale Brown 3
My wife and I have been in this situation before also. Anyone with kids knows they don't have a switch to turn off crying. I think it was a wonderful thing this mother did to help the young mother. It really make me mad to see people on a plane griping about a baby crying on a plane. They can't halp it or the mother can only do so much. Is she going to take the baby and step out for a few minutes at 35,000 feet? People should be like this lady and be more understanding and less bitching. The last time I was on a flight we were held for a lady and her son who was a teenager for 10 minutes so they could wait for their Burger King order. Now tell me who was the rudest of the two!!
preacher1 1
I think the biggest thing is one that is screaming and the mother not even making an effort to do anything.
joel wiley 3
Sounds like it started with the understanding that baby was feeding off monther's anxiety.
Matt 22:39.
mrvair 1
Amen, Brother...
jbermo 3
As witnessed mainly during takeoff and landings, most baby's shriek a fit because their tiny sensitive ears hurt from cabin pressure changes. They will most always stop their wail when the pain abates. Use the old flight attendant trick and hold a plastic cup over their ears. . . this moderates pressure change to a slower rate that an infant can accept.
30west 3
Another old FA tip is to give the mom a packet of sugar so she lick her finger, dip it in the sugar and let the baby suck on it. It helps open the ear canal.
Frank Harvey 1
On my earliest flights the FAs used to come around with a tray of butterscotch sweets for us to suck on and we were given a tour of the cockpit if we behaved. In those days the DC3s also had square windows that leaked in the rain. In the little Grummans you couldn't hear a baby crying above the engine noise and the water splashed a lot more. I don't remember if we got butterscotch on the Vickers Viscounts, but at least the windows didn't leak.
JohnTownsley 3
The surrogate "mom" deserves all the kudos we can muster. What a great lesson in humility, kindness, and 'pay it forward'!
scott8733 1
Many of us have been in this situation. Now that my kids are grown up (seem normal), I can confess my cure was to jack them up on infant motrin. They both slept, well, like babies on flights they were on.
iremember when I was working at the airport,how many businessmen (and I say men because I never heard it from a woman)made a serious point of saying do not seat me next to anyone with infants or children because I cant stand crying babies! I guess thoe men were either never a father or never had been a baby themselves! the trick (one of many) is to have a pacifier for small infants,and something to suck on such as a sippie cup,bottle or even candy for a toddler size..there are angels on planes that understand however!!!
VKSheridan 1
Bose is a wonderful invention for those that can't muster the strength of empathy and compassion. Whiskey isn't bad either.....
fdohmann 1
When was he traveling from San Fran to Honolulu??? The final passenger flight happened on February 20, 2014!!!
preacher1 2
Don't you think that the "Continental DC10 kinda dated it.
fdohmann 1
You are correct! The skys were a lot friendlier in the past...
preacher1 1
Yeah, nowadays you don't even leave your seat except for the bathroom. There are still some friendly FA's out there though. A few give the whole bunch a bad name.
fdohmann 1
Sorry, misplaced the reply to a reader comment.
preacher1 1
This thing has gone viral on Facebook this morning and plastered all over National News.


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