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Hartsfield Jackson still on top in pax count

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Atlanta still going strong, still on top passenger wise ( Mais...

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preacher1 2
IDK about ATL. I had a preacher friend that lived in Iowa. He said that when the trumpet sounded that everybody would go out over ORD.
Loral Thomas 1
I was in Valdosta Wednesday on my way back to MO. Bought gas for $2.06. Bought 2 lottery tickets and broke even. It's a lovely town. Guess it must have been a really slow news day to be reporting on KATL. LOL
matt jensen 1
Is it still true you have to transit ATL after you die?
joel wiley 1
Doesn't that depend on which way your are going?
Would be an apt into to hell.
paul trubits 1
Isn't that redundant?
Andy Cruickshank 1
Interesting that in terms of movements 8 out of 10 are US airports but not so on pax numbers. Interested to see KCLT up on the list.


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