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Student legally changes name to avoid £220 Ryanair change fee

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A student has changed his name by deed poll because it was cheaper than paying a “ridiculous” Ryanair charge for a booking error. Adam Armstrong, 19, was presented with a £220 administration fee after his girlfriend’s stepfather mistakenly reserved a seat to Ibiza for him with the budget airline under the surname of West. ( Mais...

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Robert Cheeseman 2
I guess the kid's time must not be worth much, if he believes it was more economical to change his last name rather than pay the ticket fee. Does he drive? What about any other records that his birth name were on?
To be fair, it's his own fault, also I swore there was a report that FB was banning users for fake names now....

However that seems like an oddly steep fee if all the #s here are right.
Jeremy Kudlick 1
FB is very inconsistent when it comes to enforcing its own rules. I have a friend who has a Scottish Territorial Designation in his name, which makes it legally a part of his own name. Three times, FB has suspended his account for a "fake last name" (each more than a year apart), and twice he submitted the official documentation from the Scottish government showing that was really his name. This third time he decided not to fight the battle.

However, you're right that it's at least partly his own fault, and it doesn't surprise me that Ryanair would charge an exorbitant fee for anything simple.

Robert Cheeseman 1
Many airlines charge US$100 - 150 per flight for change fees. Recently, a family member purchased airfare for a niece and used the wrong name. They didn't realize it until she got to the airport. She ended up not making that flight, lost the cost of those tickets and had to purchase tickets for the next day. $500+ mistake they probably won't ever make again.
Dirk Jeanis 2
Notice that airline is starting its own credit card. I have a rule, I never use a sponsored credit card at that sponsor. If I ever have an argument I want the credit card company neutral.
My daughter just had to cancle a trip to Rwanda over 40 days in advance. The airline old her she would get 80 dollars credited to her 2100 paymnet. She asked them how many miles credit she could get instead. It was almost nothing. So...she contacted the credit card company and they reversed charges as she had given plenty of notice. The airline has XX? days to attenpt to re-reverse, but I doubt they will. Try that with the airline's own credit card!
btweston 3
Adam West. Nice.
James Driskell 3
The really stupid thing is that it doesn't cost the airline anything to change or correct a name. It's just another way to gouge the traveler.
thomas hess 1
I'm more worried that it is that easy and cheap to change your identity, especially for the purpose of getting on an airplane. It seems that in this world of terrorism awareness and people-tracking, that it shouldn't be so easy. Perhaps that's just me...
Alfons Wilbert 1
Changing your Name like this is not the same as changing you identity, as the change is documented and traceable!
canuck44 1
After a week in Ibiza he is unlikely to remember his new name or recognize his liver. Clubs open at midnight and close at 7 am. For the hearty, one club is open throughout the day although hotel pools and beach generally fill the party gap after a great Spanish breakfast. I don't know Ibiza City but San Antonio has great restaurants for late dinner before hitting the clubs. Forty-eight hours was my limit on each trip.
matt jensen 0
The gentleman who booked the flight should be the one paying the fee.
Margeaux K -1
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Man Changes Name to Avoid Airline Fee

This might be the best story about an airline fee in the history of airline fees, and not only because it involves Batman. A 19-year-old from Manchester, England, has legally changed his name rather than pay a $336 fee to Ryanair, reports the Guardian.


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