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Air Canada jet has runway overrun in Halifax

Air Canada flight 624 has crashed on a runway at Halifax Stanfield International Airport in Canada, the airline has confirmed. The plane reportedly hit power lines and sustained extensive damage upon crash-landing. No passengers were killed. ( More...

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Kevin Brown 4
Air Canada's first responders
canuck44 4
Most likely Runway 5. Would not like to come down short on 14 as there is a steep embankment down to Highway 102.

Root User 3
The TSB has released some more photos,

Ya gotta know when to fold em'

It's the approach light system embedded in nose and wing leading edge.
I believe the correct terminology for this event is "severe undershoot".
RadBaron 1
I'm familiar with CYHZ , and have driven around it a few times on the Old Guysborough Road. Those powerlines, if they had been approaching from the south, are basic 30-foot high everyday lines , and are about 1500 feet from the normal touchdown spot.
Just heard that the plane made the approach from the NORTH, with winds at 340 30G60. Those power lines are almost 2000 feet from the touchdown area.
RadBaron 2
The report that the plane came in from the north was made by someone whoo didn't understand runway numbering, and has been dismissed
Yeah I doubt it landed in a 30G60 tailwind.
Skidded off runway????
How about "destroyed much of landing gear" prior to the "crash landing"
Andrew Stagg 2
The aircraft landed about 1100ft short of runway 5 around 0330Z, causing a gear collapse. It appears there was severe wind shear at the time of the accident.

CYHZ 290400Z 34019G54KT 3/4SM R14/5000VP6000FT/D -SN DRSN BKN007 OVC010 M06/M07 A2964 RMK SF7SC1 SLP045
CYHZ 290313Z 35020G26KT 1/2SM R14/3500V4500FT/N SN DRSN VV003 M06/M07 A2963 RMKSN8 SLP040
No matter what the investigation yields the results leading up to the decision to land will likely not be flattering to any of the parties involved. I can't see how the flight crew could mess up so badly on the ILS localizer, so I can't see what would have caused it other than 1) some sort of ILS malfunction, or, more likely, 2) severe wind shear.
Andrew Stagg 1
Runway 05 is a LOC or NDB approach, not ILS.
roberto dupre 2
Silly initial communique from Air Canada corp, just trying to coverup the Airbus crash..
No post crash fire,PAX and crew lucky on this one!
Did the pilots had a last minute surprise from the A-320 auto systems???
Perhaps a short final wind shear?...
"Pilot error" ,undershooting the glide-path, with no other contributing factors...Unlikely
Let see
Jeraboam 2
This is airline industry double-talk; this plane did not have a "hard landing", it crashed! The right wing was seriously damaged as was the nose and front underside. The landing gear was crushed and a third of the passengers and crew required medical treatment. It was a combination of luck, pilot skill and plane construction that averted a tragedy and the airport spokesperson should reflect this in his comments.
canplanman 1
Perfect summary above. Hard landing-that takes nerve to use those words, ACA
Kevin Brown 2

Flight 624 an Airbus A320 reportedly crashed after striking power lines on landing

Local reports claim all passengers got off the plane safely but plane is "destroyed"
Ric Wernicke 3
30 feet off the deck a quarter mile from the numbers? Way wasn't that super safe computer shouting "Retard" at the pilots?

I hope the injured recover quickly, and receive significant compensation from AC.

I find it incredible there is no generator for emergencies at the terminal, and crash survivors were left standing on the airfield for an hour. TSA would have issued them all citations.
They do have a generator but it stopped working after only 8 minutes. Not a sign of good maintenance.
sharon bias 1
Sure looks like the nose took the brunt of the impact of whatever it hit.
Wow, 7 Ejects? I have never seen so much dislike of one of my Squawks.
sharon bias 1
Well, it did land. What the heck it ran into during the approach and while on the runway is in dispute. Since it took out the power to the airport, I'm guessing that power lines were involved. What airport puts power lines at the ends of runways unless they're underground?
Kevin Brown 1
Aircraft written-off in tonight's crash landing was manufactured in 1991,C-FTJP-Air-Canada.php
Kevin Brown 1
Official confirmation from Air Canada

Air Canada @AirCanada · 6m 6 minutes ago
Confirms AC624, YYZ-YHZ exited runway upon landing at Halifax. All passengers have deplaned, going to terminal. More updates to come.
Kevin Brown 1
First hand account from passenger on plane:

haligonia: hfx news @haligonia · 14m 14 minutes ago
These details from family members of a @haligonia team member who were on the flight. We're very relieved everyone is okay. #AC624

haligonia: hfx news @haligonia · 15m 15 minutes ago
The plane lost one of its wings completely, and they made a hard landing. (More) #AC624

haligonia: hfx news @haligonia · 16m 16 minutes ago
It is unknown at this time the circumstances of the wing being lost (from the power line or after crash) (More) #AC624

More from passengers on the plane: As the plane was landing, the plane clipped power lines. A bright flash could be seen. (More) #AC624

Flight attendants yelled for everyone to get their heads down, and oxygen masks were immediately deployed (More) #AC624

One of the @haligonia team members had family on #AC624 - they are shaken, but okay. All passengers moved quickly from the scene (More) fuel was actively leaking from the plane. #AC624
Kevin Brown 1
Picture of passengers being assessed and triaged inside a hangar (from @haligonia). Passengers were transported to hangar as the main terminal is still without power. Only minor injuries to report
Kevin Brown 1
AUDIO of EMS dispatch (credit Mathew Keys Live)
Kevin Brown 1
Passengers arriving at the on site Airport Hotel to be re-united with family and friends (CBC News)
Kevin Brown 1
First picture of the a/c shows significant damage to left wing (photo @bizjets101 )
Kevin Brown 1
Picture from CBC News shows significant damage to nose of a/c
Kevin Brown 1
VIDEO of the damaged a/c (CBC news)
I believe AC passenger compensation for this event was $5000 per passenger. Given this unfortunate incident and the fact that fuel was leaking from the aircraft, I've of the opinion that both Air Canada Crew Members and Halifax Airport Emergency Ground Services performed amazingly. As for the passengers aboard this flight, I hope you are all recovering and safe.
Caio Zink 1
Overrun ?? Landed shot ! Some 1000 ft before the rwy...
paul druyts 1
on the fotos , it doesnt even look like a plane no more
The aircraft touched down short of the runway, bounced into the air after hitting a berm and then landed on the runway minus its landing gear and skidded to a stop running off the runway to the left can you call this an "overrun"? There is so much mis-information in the accompanying articles I find it hard to believe....this compilation of information is almost a week after the event , hasn't someone bothered to confirm what is known to date?
Jad Khoriaty 1
Not a pilot or anything but isn't this typical effects of a microburst close to the runway?
Kevin Brown 1
Interesting first hand account by a passenger posted on It seems the response by "first responders" left a lot to be desired.

Rob Cole
This is a completely erroneous attempt by Air Canada and The Halifax Airport Authority to put a spin on a plane crash (I know....I was in the thing) and minimize litigation for both parties as not only did Air Canada attempt a landing they never should have, but the Airport Authority was not ready to respond to the crash as we had to "huddle" in a crowd to keep warm 1.5 kilometers from the airport for almost an hour. Apparently they had to bring in buses from Halifax in a snowstorm rather than having transportation on hand and ready to respond to such an incident (which I think would be the law?...or at least the law of common sense). We came in low, clipped a power pole or power line as sparks flew all over the left wing, and then crashed hard into the runway and skidded for an unknown distance. We then evacuated the plane via the emergency chutes and helped all the injured people to cover (Oh did I forget to mention that we had to walk past the dislodged engine and airplane fuel to get to safety?). Eventually after 5 or so minutes a fire truck showed up and we got the most injured into the fire truck and out of the weather and the rest of us huddled together for warmth. After another 45 minutes of standing in the snow and cold (some people with no shoes and in t-shirts only) the bus from Halifax finally arrived up and brought us to the terminal (where there was no power because we took out the power pole upon descent). After that we were basically huddled like cattle into a room to wait for the police to make sure we had all been identified and Air Canada did not even offer to take care of our acommodations for the night or transportation.
Grant Davis 1
Sometimes pilots need to swallow their pride and go around. It happens to the best of us!
Dave Rose 1
What happened? Why hasn't the media solved this one already...they certainly solved the Germanwings crash already...sarc.
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Air Canada plane comes off runway in Nova Scotia during 'hard landing'

(CNN)An Air Canada jet came off the runway during its landing early Sunday at an airport in the eastern city of Halifax, officials said.

"It was a hard landing, and the aircraft left the runway," said Peter Spurway, a spokesman for Halifax Stanfield International Airport in Nova Scotia, where the plane landed.
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Air Canada AC624 Crash Lands In Halifax

Air Canada will be holding a news conference at 1:30 p.m. AT on the crash landing of its Airbus A320 plane early Sunday morning at Halifax Stanfield International Airport, sending 23 people to hospital.

Passengers on board flight AC624 from Toronto to Halifax say the plane hit a power line and electricity to the airport was down for more than hour, however an airport spokesman says he cannot confirm it was related to the crash landing. Power lines are down on the south side of the airport.
Andrew Stagg 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Air Canada 624, A320 Hard Landing at Halifax, Minor Injuries

Flight AC624 "took a very hard landing and skidded off the runway" at approximately 12:35 a.m. AT said Peter Spurway, a spokesman for the Halifax Stanfield International Airport.

FlightAware Track:
Image of Damage:
ssjan 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Air Canada plane hits power lines, exits runway

Just after midnight, an Air Canada plane left Halifax Stanfield International Airport without power.
Jason Chiu 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

AC624 crash lands in Halifax

Crashed into the power line, causing an outage. No known injuries
Ryan Santiago 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

An Air Canada plane crashed landed at the Halifax international airport on March 29, 2015, injuring several people on board.

An Air Canada plane crashed landed at the Halifax international airport on March 29, 2015, injuring several people on board.


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