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FAA to delay regulation of drones until 2017

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The Federal Aviation Administration is likely to miss a September 2015 deadline for setting regulations that would allow widespread use of commercial drones, according to testimony at a congressional hearing Wednesday. The rules might not come until 2017, said Gerald Dillingham, director of civil aviation at the Government Accountability Office. ( Mais...

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"We recognize them as a potential for a safety risk," ......really? well stop thinking that and start thinking, anything over a half a pound in weight and 50ft max ceiling, you'd better be getting some hefty FAA licenses buddy-boy, .....period. well that's what I think anyway.
what about a 'drone school' like in the good ole days when there were hundreds of helo's on the army ramp ready to go off for the days training. that would have to be a really fun and productive event! provided of course no-one used words or phrases like, testimony, congressional hearing, Accountability Office,etc oh my goodness....THAT is drone!

and also 'a potential for a safety risk' through the numbing of the student's brain.
Ian Scholes 1
Maybe when one of the brain dead has flown his drone into a jet engine regulations may be speeded up


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