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Major carriers and union put arm on DOT

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A measure aimed at grounding an upstart airline offering affordable fares for transcontinental travel appears headed for a vote in the House of Representatives. The transportation appropriations bill is seen as a vehicle for an amendment targeting Norwegian Air International’s new service at U.S. airports, airline officials were told by consultants. Norwegian Air International, headquartered in Ireland, says it is offering economical fares and improved customer service for international… ( Mais...

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andy streit 4
Shouldn't it be up to the individual applying for a job (contractor position or company employee) to work for a company that best fits their interests, rather than the interests or opinions of people who are against this way of operating a business? If ANI has found a loophole that allows them to offer lower fares, but same service as Legacy international carriers; who are we to judge that?

I purchased a TV from Amazon the other day. Why not from Best Buy or my local independant electronics store? Because Amazon had the best price and best warranty. This article highlights just that, with different items being sold.

This should not be a political debate that Congress and the president need a signature on.

Crappy pilots from Asia? Guess you best never fly ANA, JAL, Malaysian, Qatar...ect.

FWIW, Us pilots have been jumping over to work for Emirates and Qatar because of their attractive benefits and pay to circumvent the current hours requirements in the US. Are those also cheap and crappy pilots?
matt jensen 1
Correction DOT not FAA
Mark Duell 1
matt jensen 1
Gene spanos 1
But they won't have to worry about jet fuel emissions, toxicity levels, metric tonnage and more when they come here. After all the USG gave the US airlines a way out from paying the EU Carbon tax with Sen. Bill S 1956. Since then, no follow up in how we here can clean up our own act.
Thank you.
Steve1822 1
If anyone remembers, Southwest Airlines ate up nearly 1/2 of its start up money on legal fees fighting American Airlines who, at the time, was trying to block the Dallas based new start up. Southwest prevailed. This is all about money and power.......not the consumer. If NAI were charging the same as, or higher airfares than the complaining air carriers and ALPA, that would be OK. No lobbying.
Pileits 0
Norwegian has NO offices nor facilities of any kind in Ireland, nor does it even fly in or out of Ireland.

Norway would not certify them because Norwegian violates Norway's labor laws.

Norwegian's actual business office is in Singapore. Norwegian does NOT employ ANY flight crew members of any kind, they have different sub contractor contracts with each every flight crew member.
Therefore they contract with anybody from anywhere to actually work as flight crew members on Norwegian flights. This method allows Norwegian to not only avoid lawsuits should one of their contract flight crew member screw something up. Norwegian also can avoid paying contract employee's any kind of benefits or reasonable wages because they are CONTRACTORS not employee's.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Take it easy, you're going to drop a nut one day...
Steve1822 2
Wow, and your profile says your a ATP? Sure hope you don't fly anymore with a mental attitude like that!!


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