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CSeries Update – CS100 FTV1 is out of the paint shop. First flight coming soon?

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August 22 – CSeries Flight Test Vehicle 1 (FTV1) has appeared with it’s new “first flight” livery. The new Bombardier “house” paint scheme features an all-white fuselage, with blue engine cowlings and tail. ( Mais...

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Mike Jass 3
I am so glad I can see it painted.Nice plane. We all hardly wait for the first flight (I am working as IT consultant at Bombardier). Another good news: today I saw that Transport Canada gave the green light for the first flight (jeez, what is this, the airplane poetry LOL)
Great looking bird
Eric da Silva 1
A beautiful aircraft, looks amazing in the Bombardier colors, and those Pratt and Whitney PW1500G engines look powerful.
Cole Meierstein 1
Looks like squished a 787. I wish aircraft design evoked more emotion these days.
Kevin Brown 0
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BOMBARDIER CSeries gets fresh coat of paint in preparation for first flight

First flight cannot be too far off as Bombardier rolls out first flight test aircraft "FTV-1" in company colors. In my opinion this has to be the sleekest looking airliner on on the market. In the "looks" department they are blowing the competition out of the water.


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