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Flying car company Terrafugia completes first test flight!

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Terrafugia completed its first successful flight test yesterday bringing it one step closer to bringing the car to producing the car/plane. ( Mais...

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Jeff Carey 2
Like most compromise vehicles it won't be a very good airplane or car. Think motorsailer in boats. Not an efficieent sailboat or motorboat.
zennermd 1
I would love to own one. Maybe someday.
This idea crops up every now a then. The earliest I remember was one made in the 1930s made by Albert Gore Sr. (father of VP Al Gore). Someone else tried in the 1950s. None catch on. As Jeff said (below) too many things have to be compromised.
no flying car because no pilots!
1fly 0
That is such a great story.
isardriver 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Prototype flight is latest step toward liftoff for flying cars

duplicate squawk - video. Personally, we'd rather have a contraption like the one that pushes George Jetson out of bed and into the shower every morning, but flying cars are pretty cool, too. At least two manufacturers have announced that their auto-airplane amalgams have taken flight, if only in test runs. Terrafugia says its Transition Street-Legal Airplane prototype made its maiden flight on March 23, while PAL-V's Personal Air and Land Vehicle takes to the skies in the "crazily awesome" video shown here.


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