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Icelandair new service Reykjavik to Denver

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See how long this will last, but as other airlines say this will not grow routes, seems Denver found one that will. ( Mais...

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Conor Ball 1
I think the first set of doors are for when they switch out pilots and Probably security reasons.
Chuck Me 0
Funny you mention that. The ONLY time I have boarded a 757 from L2 was on Icelandair.
Clam Shell 0
I have a gut feeling Denver to Reykjavik isn't going to the most profitable route ever established. I remember reading about the "short list" mentioned in the story ... and that ATL was on said "short list." I think ATL-Iceland would have a much greater chance of profitability and interest.
Tom Aaland 0
as far as I know Icelandair is feeding all its routes into US with pax from scandinavia among others. They have favourable stayovers in Reykjavik, and claims that it is maybe "the fastest" routes into the US. Just check the map he he.
Tyler Tashji 0
I've boarded from L2 on United,Continental,Delta,American,and Icelandair.
Jeff Lemon 0
It's all about connecting service into western Europe if they can make this work....and it appears they've been successful with this concept from MSP.


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