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Which Companies Are Competing In The Supersonic Flight Race?

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It seems like a less-than-ideal time to be developing supersonic passenger travel, but these companies have had their projects in the works for many years up until now. The current global crisis will pass, and perhaps by the time one of the above jets will have its entry-into-service, there will actually be an appetite for supersonic (business) passenger travel. ( Mais...

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patrick baker 3
it is all good and well to applaud this latest segment of develo pment, but, the environmental damage wreaked by possibly hundreds of these moving self-centered self importants around because they were in a hurry to cross oceans says among other things to me, just because we can build it does not mean it must be built. An executive or wanna-be executive will need absolute time management skills to justify these projected flight services, and are we all better off for it all? i think not.....
linbb 0
And its ho hum again they are just looting pocket books nothing new much like the Jetsons car that turns into an airplane. There never will be one o those that really works. Same with this electric airplane deal. Both of those who hve flown the 208 and the beaver both have no useful load due to the need for too many batteries.
Torsten Hoff 3
No useful load and minimal range were also true for all of the early airplanes. Many small incremental improvements have gotten us to where we are today. If you think no improvements will be made to electric flight, you are a poor student of history.
Torsten Hoff 3
I'm sure these aircraft will do well for executive business travel as well as luxury private aircraft for the wealthy. Whether regular business and leasure travelers will be willing to pay extra for the time saved will depend on how much more expensive the tickets are.


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