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Bad Weather Prompts Qantas To Swap A Boeing 737 For An Airbus A380

Severe weather in Sydney caused Qantas to consolidate multiple Boeing 737 flights onto an Airbus A380 for the Melbourne - Sydney route ( More...

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21voyageur 7
Headline is (once again) disingenuous as it was not a 1 for 1 swap. Cudos to Qantas for creative thinking.
Andrew Turnbull 5
Right. I mean, how difficult would it have been for them to put an "s" at the end of "737" and to get rid of the leading "a". And, doing that would have even saved one character space, so it would've been a shorter headline. Or instead of getting rid of the leading "a" they could've put the number of 737s swapped, added the "s" after 737 and had an honest headline.

Journalism is dead. The media suck.
WD Rseven 1
"Creative thinking"?
bentwing60 6
Kinda' says the a380 was idle or low on pax. from the git' go, so a win/win for the pax. and Qantas for delivering on the goods.
matt jensen 3
Everyone got three seats
mbrews 5
Apparently, many pax were trying to get to a Taylor Swift concert that day.

A reddit site tracks T Swift's chartered Vistajet in Australia. Given the crappy weather, Reddit predicted a " barf bag arrival " for her entourage that day
Gloria Johns 4
Don't laugh at me for asking, but wouldn't the same bad weather affect the Airbus?
mbrews 8
The Airbus A 380 has a huge mass tonnage. The consolidation of Qantas flights more likely was to reduce the total number of takeoffs and landings to move x number of people. The chartered Vistajet is sized a bit smaller than a Regional jet
Gloria Johns 1
Thank you!
Robert irwin 2
I no laugh!
1mooneymite 2
Based on the advantages of the A-380 over multiple B-737s, I bet SWA is looking at A-380's and contemplating massive pilot layoffs! In a SWA seating configuration, I bet a A-380 could seat several thousand happy passengers!
Robert irwin 1
I no laugh! Cheers.


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