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Qantas' Airbus A220 Livery Features a Story Through Aboriginal Art

Qantas has revealed its inaugural Airbus A220 aircraft, featuring a captivating Aboriginal-inspired livery. Set to join QantasLink, its regional subsidiary, the aircraft was showcased at an Airbus facility ahead of its anticipated arrival in Australia. This aircraft showcases the Aboriginal artwork of senior Pitjantjatjara artist Maringka Baker, narrating the 'dreaming story of two sisters who traverse remote Australia together, covering vast distances to find their way home,' as… ( More...

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frogandtoad 2
I agree it looks horrible - very much a break from tradition – and of cause painting it green in honour of the man that was – “He who keeps giving” - For many years and still today Qantas does not own the Kangaroo logo – that’s why it's change every few years as the agreement expires with the designer - The other terrible livery is the Mendoowoorrji - Boeing 737-838 - VH-XZJ – from a distance it looks like someone took to the aircraft with a chain saw.
Info for both Alan and Gary – and others - as the special liveries are not part of the purchase contract with Boeing – its painted at the airlines added expense and VH-XZJ at the cost an extra $350,000 us dollars – I wonder what the extra cost of the A220 green machine was…???
Gary Fonternel 1
A shocking waste of money.
jeff slack 3
This looks great, finally, a special livery that blends with the other traditional livery and the tail has been changed in colour to match.
Alan Macdonald 0
Tail's been changed to green by order of the outgoing Irish leprechaun Alan Joyce. Maybe the 10X + cost of this paint job over the normal paint scheme should have come from Joyce's ridiculous parting bonus.
BTW most people I have disused this with think it looks hideous as do I.
Gary Fonternel 2
You’re 100% correct Allan. Excessively expensive and unnecessary but what’s worse is it is hideous. And like you, all the pilots at work I’ve spoken to agree.
Cleffer 2
Nah. Looks cool.
Max Harrison 1
Joyce is definitely having the last laugh.
Gary Fonternel 1
So called aboriginal dot painting is hardly a traditional art form.
It was “invented” in 1971 by a white fellah named Geoffrey Bardon.
The irony … Too funny.


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