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The Top Five Shortest Flights in America

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Five of the shortest flights in the mainland United States. These routes are still flying thanks to the Essential Air Service Act. ( Mais...

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nemosteve1080i 2
For the contiguous 48 states, I frequently fly DL between AVL & ATL. Not counting ATC delays, the flights are 26 minutes wheels up to wheels down.
Inter island Hawaiian flights are short and few weather/flow control delays.
Peter Fuller 1
Only one of the so-called “top five” routes shilled in this article gets Essential Air Service subsidy: Washington KIAD - Shenandoah Valley KSHD.

See list of eligible EAS communities:

Most really short segments now flown serve to route passengers to/from big connecting hubs. In the pre-deregulation days, “puddle-jump” multi-stop direct routes with short segments were common, with passengers getting on and off at each stop. I remember flying between BOS and CLE with stops at SYR and BUF.
blueashflyer 1
Comair used to fly Cincinnati CVG to Dayton DAY. AS soon as we were done climbing out of CVG it was time to descend into DAY.
Lee Withers 1
In the late 40’s flew from Detroit City to Flint, MI, 56 miles, in a DC 3


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