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American Airlines will Open their Flagship Lounges to Anyone ... For a Fee

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For some traveling aboard American Airlines, the travel experience just got a whole lot better. American Airlines just announced that they will be selling access to their Flagship Lounges, a move that enables general passengers to enjoy the enhanced ground product. However, access to the lounge will come with a high price tag. ( Mais...

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Scott Maynard 8
What is the point if flagship dining is not included?
Steven Heckler 3
Not. Worth the ad blocker dance to read
Phil Laben 2
last one I got in to was DFW and they had peanuts for $125.00
Michael Ragsdale 2
Good grief. Not sure how many “general passengers” can afford that price point. As several have commented, for what? A drink and a few snacks?
patrick baker 2
be prepared to disable your add blocker so that you may read this article. Not worth the effort....
Christos Psarras 2
Disable Javascript on the page and no need to disable the adblocker!
Rick Amerson 1
Article says pay a one-time fee $150 for lounge access until your flight leaves for everyone over 2 y/o. No access to dining for that price. Pay $650 if you want to eat.
Thomas Craig 0
mdburd 1
This is similar to Air France's policy for thier La Premiere lounge in Paris. If your aircraft only has business class--but you're generally in FC, you can pay $300 per passenger for the services.

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