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Macquarie Infrastructure Corporation Announces Agreement to Sell Atlantic Aviation to KKR for $4.475 Billion

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NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Macquarie Infrastructure Corporation (NYSE: MIC) and KKR today announced the signing of a definitive agreement for MIC to sell its Atlantic Aviation business to KKR for $4.475 billion in cash and assumed debt and reorganization obligations. Atlantic Aviation operates one of the largest networks of fixed base operations (FBOs) in the U.S. providing a full suite of critical services to the private aviation sector. ( Mais...

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sbirch 4
For an acquisition based on 16x revenue KKR clearly believes the growth potential is in fees. Get ready for increases and tactics at monopolistic airports that will exploit users. No other way of looking at this.
emkostiuk 4
Hopefully, the won't come with Atlantic's attitude. The way they act on our Airport you would think it should be called Atlantic Aviation Airfield.
bentwing60 6
The epitome of the rats taking over the rats.
Highflyer1950 6
If you thought Jet-A1 was expensive before?


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