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Plane without pilot flies over a mile after unexpected takeoff, Nebraska officials say

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Looks like the pilot less aircraft was already invented long, long, long ago.... really do wonder what actually happened and if anyone has a REASONABLE best guess knowing a Piper J-3; it does look like the landing will need some more debugging. Yep, title right from Yahoo. ( Mais...

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Torsten Hoff 7
There is no mystery — the pilot hand-started the engine, the aircraft likely doesn’t have an electric starter.

If the wheels aren’t chocked or the engine was given too much throttle, the aircraft could have started rolling and gotten away from the pilot.
sparkie624 6
And they get get away from you that way quicker than you can get to them... that is why I like to tie down the tail when doing that.
jptq63 1
Thanks for the reasonable answer.
linbb -1
Been there saw that helped recover the tri champ from brush and trees one day at the old Bellview Wa airport.
bbabis 3
Poor Cub. At least there are a few good parts left and a data plate.
a mentor 2
some planes were just ment to fly -- one way or another. Sad end to the J-3
ian mcdonell 1
Not exactly the first time this has happened. Famous Auster case in OZ where the military had to shoot it down.
sparkie624 1
Duct Tape and Super Glue Please!
linbb -3
Gee what a neet comment NOT supprised that it wasnt It will buff right out.............DUH


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