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Melbourne Diverts International Flights Due to Spike Fears

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Victorian Premier has requested all flights to Melbourne be diverted for the next fortnight as the state battles to get to grips with an apparent second spike of coronavirus cases. ( Mais...

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John Morgan 1
What a knee jerk reaction by the Premier of Victoria to close the Multi billion dollar earning airport. What for, is the question when flights can land at any other OZ airports anyway. High handed Like action such as in South Africa can cause chaos with peoples livelihoods dignity and the right to earn a living. What percentage of the Population in Melbourne caused this third world type of reaction? Suspect that it is lack of visible on street policing of known Social hotspots that is the responsibility of the very government that closed the airport down. What a jerk indeed.
alex hidveghy 1
Hmmmm.......I remember well, more than a decade ago, after losing my job, the right wingers telling me that no one owed me a living and I was solely responsible for pulling myself out of the unemployment hole. It was MY responsibility, no one else’s. In other words, no one owes you a living and you have no right to earn a living! That’s what the right wing said. I remember it to this day.

Has anything changed?


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