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Southwest union asks its members not to fly American Airlines because of judge's restraining order

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A union representing thousands of workers at Southwest and Alaska airlines is asking its members not to fly American Airlines because of a court fight involving the world's largest carrier and its mechanics. "If you care about your families' safety, do not put them on an American Airlines flight until this injunction is vacated," Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association's national director Bret Oestreich said in a statement over the weekend. A federal judge issued a… ( Mais...

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Please stop posting from sources that require you to have a paid subscription to view the story....
scott8733 6
Amen. Only thing more annoying than pay to view stories are those posts whose sole intent is to ignite political comments. Wearisome....
James Howard 2
I see it just fine without a subscription.
Mark King 2
Same here, no issues.
John D 2
I just had to make an exception to my ad-blocker, otherwise looks ok to me
mary susan watkins 1 don't need a subscription to pull up one article..just click on the website connection..maybe you have a security app that does not allow certain system will tell me if a site is blocked..good luck..
Jim Myers 1
Block JavaScript on their site and they will stop pestering you about subscribing.
ADXbear 3
I second the posting from paid sites.. please stop, thanks


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