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WestJet Unveils Boeing 787-9 Schedule For Winter Season

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WestJet announced its new Boeing 787-9 winter schedule on Tuesday, including a new route between Calgary and Maui, and upgrading its existing service between Toronto and London-Gatwick to new state-of-the-art Dreamliners from its currently operated 767 jets. ( Mais...

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Cansojr 2
It will be interesting to see what the ONEX does to WEST JET given that the new owners know absolutely nothing about airlines let alone how to run them. If they install ONEX toadies it will be an interesting ride. Remember ONEX tried to unsucessfully buy AIR CANADA almost 20 years ago. Fortunately AC prevailed.
rapidwolve 1
It will be interesting indeed...heard a stipulation or 2 were introduced, but don't know if/when it happened..1 was WestJet is to remain a Canadian Corp.
They do know how to handle aircraft "building divisions" thou, so hopefully they continue. Only hope no internal squabbling when it comes to aircraft procurement.


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