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Airbus Confirms A350-1000 As Flagship, Worries About Market Response To 737 MAX Grounding

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Airbus confirms that the A350-1000 is now the "company's flagship aircraft," calling the Boeing 777-X a “re-engined Hummer.” The European manufacturer could not escape from the inevitable Boeing 737 MAX questioning. “After the MAX situation, the FAA will probably become stricter and will double and triple check on us even more,” said Michael Schöllhorn, Airbus COO. ( Mais...

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Jayden Hakunti 5
i want to start an airline using the a220.
william baker 4
The 777-X is a re-engined hummer????
stratofan 3
Note to those under 35... Folding wings, or in this case folding wingtips have been used for over 75 years, just on Naval aircraft. As a matter of fact in WW2 Cmdr. David McCampbell flew one combat sortie with the wing locks unsecured one side. A testament to the Grumman "Ironworks" products. All this carping and yapping about the 737MAX is more falling prey to the 24/7 news hacks looking for more symbolism over substance. You did not hear one peep from them when the A380 "Beluga" was delayed in delivery almost two years because of cracks in the tail surfaces, and tyre problems that took almost as long to solve, but they eventually did. The mainstream media is too quick to create a headline, then get lost in the sensationalism of fact-checking, and they come up short every time.
Jayden Hakunti 2
to the know-it-all "old-timers" we are all aware of the corsairs use of folding wings, or the f16s inherent instability. although not without their problems these applications never related to air transport category aircraft, even militarily. and had pragmatic uses that justified their call into existence. compare that to the rush to market spare a dime to keep up with rivals creating boeing's recent track record of 767, 787, and 737max problems; i can be (rightfully) skeptical of their due diligence in designing and testing phases. especially in the fact they foster an undeniably-deniable attitude in their too big to fail market presence. what is a true reason for having folding wings on an airlliner? it just reeks of "another system there to potentially fail".
Jayden Hakunti 2
i forgot to add the inherently unstable f16 has ejector seats for when the plane becomes unflyable, and the corsairs had to be packed onto sea-going aircraft carrier boats.
stratofan 1
I may be an old-timer, but I do not still live in my parents' basement w/o a REAL job. All sarcastic comments aside, The reason for folding wingtips, is so they can use standard gates. This prevents having to stop the normal flow of ground traffic, which you have to do with the A380 every time it has to taxi. No builder intentionally makes a defective airliner. Far to many are quick to point a finger w/o knowing all the facts.
Jayden Hakunti 0
im not convinced that folding wings are necessary. what the 777x brings is further use of "dreamliner technology" at near 747 capacity for less fuel burn than current 777. can that not be done without folding wings?
Kyle Beller 3
I am not an aerospace engineer, just a regular engineer. one would think Boeing would MUUUUCH rather not deal with this design feature if it was not completely necessary. New engines and carbon fiber are discussed greatly. With weight reduction in the design, wing surface area is able to be increased. More lift with less input. So, yeah, 99.99% likely the folding tips are necessary for this design.
airuphere 3
True. As stated above it’s entirely for taxi functions. As mentioned the a380 has airports that renovated gates and taxi ways to allow them in. Hence why it’s a big deal when the have to land at an unequiped field. Boeing doesn’t want to have to limit airports that take the 777x so the folding wing tops allow the jet to service any airport that the current 777 service. Without any new infrastructure needing to be built.
airuphere 1
Or when the AirFrance a320 full of execs plowed into the Forrest due to the fbw and to/ga functions not being fully understood..
Chris B 1
Official report on A296 accident
Very low flyover height, lower than surrounding obstacles;
Speed very slow and reducing to reach maximum possible angle of attack;
Engines speed at flight idle; and
Late application of go-around power

Jayden Hakunti 2
the faa should double check the folding wings on the 777x because it might start folding up in flight due to lack of sufficient software upgrades.
dee9bee 6
I love sarcasm!


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