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Airbus stops the delivery of five A330 destined to HNA Group Airlines

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Toulouse - Airbus holds back the delivery of five A330 to Hainan Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, and Beijing Capital Airlines due to the late payments from Chinese conglomerate HNA Group. ( Mais...

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Richard Loven 2
This is easy to figure out why.
If you want to play you have to pay.
If you want to stay in business you deal with people who pay their bills.
This is why SW Air does so well. They have money in the bank and strike good deals on Airplanes, fuel etc.
United can wait in line and pay big interest.
If you have money, you don’t need good credit. You just pay. Another thing do business with good people. A contract with poor ones or a skunk isn’t worth anything anyway.
chalet 3
Chinese companies got crazy buying all kinds of hotels, airlines, catering firms etc. in the past few years without proper due dilligence or establishing an orderly growth strategy and now they are paying the price for being so unprofessional. Good ole Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NY was sold by Hilton to a Chinese insurance company at a staggering $ 2 BILLION for starters and then converting it into condos and modernizing everything inside and out at another billion or so but the Chinese Government had to step in and take over the hotel for the insurance company was hanging to dear life by a thread. This reminds me of a headless and outright crazy acquisitions of all forms of real state in the US by Japanese conglomerates back in the 90s and most of the deals going real sour. For instance Mitsubishi paid zillions for the Rockefeller Center but had to unload it a few years later at huge loss.
sparkie624 2
That is the way it works.... You can expect to get credit when you don't pay your bills on time!
Torsten Hoff 2
That's the way it SHOULD work. If they had bought the aircraft from Boeing and financed the purchase through the Export-Import Bank of the United States, then the US government would have gotten stiffed.
joel wiley 4
"US government" should read "US taxpayers".
matt jensen 1
Can't get credit
Jamar Jackson 1
I heard China economy will soon crumble because they over buying too much


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