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Unruly Delta passenger to pay airline the cost of emergency landing after pleading guilty

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An unruly passenger on a Delta flight will pay the airline $9,118 for the cost of diverting the aircraft after pleading guilty to a federal assault charge. ( Mais...

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Larry Marting 1
Why are there two air marshals on one flight? From what I read they are already pretty scarce.
30west 1
They typically travel in pairs as a team to provide a coordinated defense of the cockpit, their primary mission, and the ability to support ("cover") each other should the need arise. They typically don't respond immediately to a disorderly passenger because it might be a ruse to draw out an air marshall which compromises his ability to counter a significant threat to the cockpit. Also, if one's identity is compromised, the other can still remain unidentified. From the article, it appears that only one air marshall acted in this incident leaving the other covert and able to act with the element of surprise should he be needed.
chalet 1
You mean that one marshall who are supposed to be extremely well trainied and strong individuals could not wrestle down the unruly passeger and continue the flight. I´d like to seee that passenger´s check for 9K handed over to Delta.


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