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JetBlue orders up to 120 A220-300s

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JetBlue Airways has ordered up to 120 Airbus A220-300s to replace its Embraer 190 fleet, and will convert orders for 25 A320neos to the larger A321neo. The New York-based airline's decision was announced hours after the Bombardier CSeries was rebranded under Airbus ownership earlier today. The A220 order comprises firm orders for 60 aircraft, with deliveries to start in 2020, and another 60 options for delivery from 2025. JetBlue will take all A220-300s, previously known as the CS300, from… ( Mais...

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John Miller 7
The 220. When you just can't afford the 320. :-)
paul gilpin 1
now that boring has acquired a position to a$$ rape embraer, i can't wait to see the 637s.............
erik godo 1
More like Embraer realizes - "Crap! I have to battle Airbus now! I need bigger guns!" - already lost this campaign for 60 where Embraer was the incumbent with 60 ERJ-190's in JetBlue's fleet.
Soren Sorensen 1
JetChaser 0
Deliveries to begin in 2020 in a yet to be constructed factory
Brad Littlejohn 1
ummm... the Factory already exists. it opened for business in 2015. JBU already received an A321 from there. If you were talking a second ASSEMBLY LINE, you'd be right, but the factory has been there for at least 3 years.
JetChaser 1
I'll take your word for it, I was just quoting the article.
canuck44 0
This had obviously been in the works for some time...Airbus didn't get onboard until July 1st and I doubt Jet Blue in 10 days signed up for 60 aircraft. Jet Blue had expressed disappointment in the Brazilian product due to high maintenance. Once the tariff issue was resolved and they reviewed the data from the C-series users, it became a no brainer. First Delta and then Jet Blue looks like the flood gates opening, if they can get production rolling.
linbb 0
HO HUM repost repost get over it.
Wolfgang Prigge 0
Correction, they ordered 60 A220
Wolfgang Prigge -1
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Jet Blue orders 60 A210

Jet Blue orders 60 A210, the new name of the Bombardier CSeries.

(Text in French)
MH370 -1
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JetBlue picks A220-300 over E195-E2 in closely fought battle

JetBlue is to replace its Embraer E190 fleet with the Airbus A220-300 — formerly the Bombardier C Series CS300 — starting in 2020, driven by what the carrier calls “compelling” economics.
Samuel DeBartolo -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Airbus Wins JetBlue Order For It's Newly Rebranded A220

JetBlue places order for 60 A220-300 aircraft from Airbus. The newly re-branded aircraft was announced this morning.


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