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Lufthansa A380 unable to land at JFK due to runway too short

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The Lufthansa A380 was unable to land at JFK because the runway was to short ( Mais...

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belzybob 3
Amazing that runway is use was 22, yet the wind was 110 up to 27 kts. Seems they have more problems at KJFK that just controller attitude.
Don Whyte 1
than not that
belzybob 1
The title of this article is misleading.
The runway was not too short, but ATC was not able to offer a landing runway into the wind.
Good performance of the Lufthansa Cockpit Crew.
They clarified all the little traps that ATC provided (heading readbacks, IAD iso DCA etc.)
matt jensen 2
No, too wet and windy.
Don Whyte 1
too not to
Alan Macdonald 1
On approach to KPHL I heard a tower call that advised of a shortened runway. Wondering if they were aware of that when selecting that alternate. Maybe the extra long runway at Stewart International in upstate NY might have been a better selection
Rwy09R is shortened since 2017 already. It’s been incorporated in Lufthansa’s charts and performance modules since a long time.
Highflyer1950 1
Not sure why ATC couldn’t make a gap and run him in on a visual to 13R. The wind would have played havoc with their spacing anyway.
Visual? At 1/2mile and Ovc003?
Sky stretching between LH Captain and ATC is a bit scary. I can understand LH wanted to deliver Customers to JFK but this conversation went too far. But the inboud planning should be better on JFK...You can predict too heavy airplane plus tail wind.
belzybob 4
I reckon that the LH captain was just amazed that they were offering him a runway with up to 15 knots of tailwind. Note that 15 kts tailwind means that the aircraft is landing with a groundspeed of 30kts higher than if it landed into wind.It seems that runway configuration is dictated by the airfields in close proximity, not their suitability. 22L is short at 8400 and 22R is around 12000', but add that tailwind component and they are both short for an A380.
dardav 1
that was an amazing video, maneuvering the big bird in JKF airspace. whew I was sweating.
Brian Wilkes 0
Pan Pan Pan and watch JFK comply then like the American 767 did some years ago!
belzybob 2
The LH sensibly decided to abandon the idiotic idea of landing into wind and elected to divert, so he had no grounds to call a PAN.
Brian Wilkes -1
I was not saying THAT! I was saying if the situation arise that LH called PAN you would assume JFK would had given what they (LH) wanted.
belzybob 3
Hypothetical and irrelevant.
Brian Wilkes 1
oh boy! Thats why I keep my mouth shut..................
Jakob Xanther -4
Must be a new directive from Trump: 'American Airlines first'
Unbelievable. Is this whole country getting insane?
belzybob 3
It's not xenophobia, its just that the FAA have done very little in the way of ATC enhancements since probably the 70's. Too long have they looked at privatization and done nothing as a result. The FAA system is archaic and the New York area is a nightmare.


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