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Vueling A320 almost to land at the wrong Hamburg Airport

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Hamburg - On May 11, An Airbus A320 from Vueling was about to land at the wrong airport. Instead of its final destination Hamburg Airport at the north of the city, the flight crew intended to land at Finkenwerder, the airport at the local Airbus plant. ( Mais...

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tony ware 6
I remember doing something similar at a private airstrip in Kent. Using the GPS to navigate within a couple of nm I spotted the airstrip and landed. I phoned the chap meeting me and said I was parked next to the black hangar. He said, "we haven't got a black hangar!" "Oh Lord" he said, "I know where you are, it's a neighbour's strip". Anyway he drove and collected me and we went to say sorry to the neighbour for landing without PPR. No harm done, just a red face.
bentwing60 3
Welcome to the not that small and not very vocal club. I managed to pull that off just west of Ok.City with a plane full of payin pax. And they figured it out before I did. Yep, another red face. Cheers.
jptq63 1
Why (ok, I already know this may be a stupid comment) not have MAJOR airports place a simple visual sign / market at the runway(s) end indicating the IATA code for the airport? Maybe Airbus (and Boeing and military strips might as well) paint a good old big Airbus corporate logo on the runways ends as well for the halibut of it; Should make at least a good photo shot / marketing picture of a plane landing from above….


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